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Supply Chain Data Analytics

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"Supply Chain Data Analytics"

Would you not use a tool that could predict the future if you had access to one? You would, of course. Are we now claiming that supply chain analytics has a 100% accuracy record in predicting the future? No. Is it accurate to suggest that supply chain data analysis finds trends and forecasts them with some degree of certainty? Indeed. Businesses can make use of Rootfacts supply chain analytics tools to focus on existing patterns, extract real-time data from those processes, and leverage big data to comprehend market trends, measure demand, and establish precise pricing strategies. Boost the Optimization with our Supply Chain Data Analytics

What is supply chain analytics?

Supply chain analytics is defined as an effective tool to obtain insights into the acquisition, processing, and distribution of commodities. It consists of the methods and instruments used to aggregate and evaluate data from various systems. Combining information from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) systems allows you to have a more complete picture of your logistics network and more insightful decisions that will help you forecast and enhance performance.

Key Operations

A cloud-based end-to-end data integration and analytics platform powers modern supply chain analytics. This platform assists you in carrying out the required kinds of analytics and managing data throughout its lifecycle.


Operational systems that oversee the management of supply chain  data processes including ordering, warehousing, fulfillment, inventory, and transportation provide the source of data. Third-party data from vendors, shippers, and retailers may also be included. 


This particular data is taken out, processed, and assembled into a repository, usually in the cloud, that might be a data warehouse or data lake. You now have a thorough understanding of your logistics network.


You may easily use this data for many types of analysis using the Rootfacts analytics platform. Our supply chain predictive analytics, for instance, can be used to forecast returns and determine outstanding inventory. 


You may also construct interactive dashboards and visualizations with your tool to find trends and gain an understanding of KPIs like fulfillment performance, ideal versus present inventory distribution, and transit durations.


Advanced solutions go one step further and let you integrate your analytics into other applications and take advantage of enhanced analytics features like automatic machine learning (AutoML), predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.  This produces insights that you may act upon or that can cause other systems to issue alarms and take appropriate action.

Benefits of using supply chain data analytics

To provide flexibility, resilience, and a quick time to market for new products or solutions, key business players must work closely work with us, in light of today’s dispersed global supply chain solutions and ongoing disruptions. You can see every stage of your logistics network from beginning to end with modern supply chain data analytics, and it even allows for real-time demand and supply shaping by using Rootfacts’ most trusted assistance.

“Get easy data access to ensure a robust foundation for efficient and insightful data warehousing services.”

Utilize Data

Make decisions based on objective, current data that are data-driven. Having complete visibility throughout your manufacturing chain enables you to make objective, effective decisions.


Make use of network dynamics to improve coordination amongst all of your important stakeholders. It is simple to attain operational excellence with our efficient, team-based platform.


Gain an advantage over rivals by utilizing digital technologies to facilitate a sustainable and error-free production chain. React quickly to unfavorable circumstances by utilizing AI and ML technology.

Constant Growth

To find areas of opportunity and launch improvement initiatives, use objective data. Continuous improvement will contribute to the development of frictionless supply chain operations during times of disturbance.

Maximize Assets

Free up your teams' time by doing away with manual processes so they can concentrate on activities that bring value. Use the resources that have been freed up for performance optimization.

Rootfacts has the best consumer support ecosystem and is always ready to guide you regarding your queries associated with supply chain analytics. You will never disappoint after collaborating with us, because our service speaks in itself rather than words.