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Data Visualization Consulting

Utilize the Insights from Data Visualization Consulting for Business Clarity

Using clear images, data visualization consulting assists business users in seeing important data. Make Data Sing: Data Visualization Consulting for Clearer Communication collaborating with Rootfacts. We help you turn huge and complicated data information into visually engaging answers to your unique business concerns so you can quickly and effectively make data-driven decisions. 

What is data visualization?

The graphical or visual depiction of particular data is known as data visualization. Highlighting the most valuable insights from a dataset helps in the identification of trends, patterns, outliers, and relationships. Envision being handed a spreadsheet with endless rows of information. Without basic knowledge and investigation, you most likely won’t be able to understand the data in the spreadsheet with endless rows of information, and it’s doubtful that you’ll be able to identify trends and patterns right away. Hence data visualization service helps you in solving this complexity through suitable representation of data.

Making sense of existing data

Data visualizations use graphs and charts to create stories and provide answers to questions about your company, making your massive volumes of data easier to access and comprehend. Data visualization consulting helps your enterprise get maximum benefit from the existing data sets accumulated from daily business activities.

Application of data visualization

The team at Rootfacts can assist you with transforming data from many sources into interactive visualizations that allow you to track objectives and outcomes, spot opportunities, forecast demand, and more. 

  • Comparing financial performance data to develop plans for revenue optimization.
  • Performance analysis and monitoring for both departments and employees.
  • Analytics for customers and products.
  • Analytics for procurement, supplier monitoring, and screening.

02. Finance

  • Monitoring sales, costs, and profitability of a business to enhance budgetary planning and financial forecasts.
  • Recognizing and controlling monetary hazards.
  • Tracking of financial data.
  • Keeping an eye on machinery performance to maximize manufacturing process quality and overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Finding flaws in production procedures to expedite product development and enhance product quality
  • Finding the sources of demand can help to maximize order management and increase the accuracy of demand planning in supply chain analytics.
  • To find areas for rationalization, cost analysis, and purchase data monitoring should be done.
  • Identifying and anticipating hazards and optimizing logistics by keeping an eye out for trends and patterns throughout the delivery process.


  • Forecasting a potential customer’s reaction to marketing initiatives to better plan and fund marketing campaigns. 
  • Customer segmentation for the creation of tailored marketing campaigns and upselling and cross-selling tactics. 
  • Analysis of customer sentiment to improve the caliber of goods and services. 
  • Analysis of customer profitability for sales funnel optimization.


  • Monitoring staff activity to identify areas of underperformance and develop strategies to improve staff output. 
  • Making educated judgments during the hiring process by visualizing data for talent management (apparent data, current recruitment needs, best performers, etc.). 
  • Examining the effects of retention initiatives on worker productivity to pinpoint the factors that influence worker satisfaction and lower worker turnover
  • Asset risk and maintenance management can be optimized by asset tracking and monitoring.
  • Predictive maintenance to maximize asset life cycle management and raise the value of important assets.

We help with demand analysis, data and environment understanding, dashboard building, and release, so you can get data-driven insights for particular departments and the whole company. Also, Rootfacts provides its clients with personalized data visualization consulting services that go above and beyond their expectations because of our proficiency with all main BI technologies and our ongoing commitment to learning.

Data visualization consulting to revolutionize the business

Data is necessary to make well-informed business decisions. Finding patterns and growth prospects in your data is becoming more difficult as large data repositories from several sources are used. If you want to know How data visualization consulting helps for impactful presentations of complex data insights? never hesitate to get in touch with our team. We help in overcoming the operational, interpersonal, and technical barriers that exist between your data and the illuminating, visually stimulating reports that your teams need to make informed decisions.