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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Gather, Process, Implement and Transfer

The infrastructure, tools, applications, and other resources come together to provide data and insights through business intelligence and analytics which in turn help businesses make decisions, find revenue opportunities, and assess performance. Irrespective of the scale of your business Rootfacts is ready to help you with strategic business intelligence that can transform business decisions into more effective and efficient.

Advantages of incorporating Rootfacts Business Intelligence Analytics

Rootfacts BI and analytics are speed and agile, which lets companies process many data sources more quickly with an easy-to-use interface. The information that is produced can be utilized to track performance in real-time and spot trends and opportunities. Our tools enable better business decisions through company-specific BI and analytics strategy. We enable this by giving users and stakeholders access to these in-depth projections and insights.

You may be aware that data is no longer restricted to a single department or location thanks to BI and analytics, also our applications foster transparency and visibility across siloed networks both inside and outside of a company. Additionally, the same data can be instantly accessible to all offices and departments.

We help in synchronizing, deep knowledge and understanding of a company’s place in the market allowing organizations to make more proactive decisions, particularly regarding organizational effectiveness, changing market conditions, and consumer wants.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Services for All Businesses

Rootfact's Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The main objective of business intelligence (BI) is to use data-driven insights to make specific business choices, big data analytics, and BI concentrate on creating, processing, and analyzing data to address more general business issues.

Big Data and BI

Big Data is the term for far larger, less focused data sets than business intelligence (BI). These data sets are typically raw or unprocessed (e.g., organized and unstructured) streams that cannot be evaluated using conventional BI tools and software. Another distinguishing factor of Big Data is its enormous scale, which necessitates the use of a completely different type of storage, like a data warehouse or data lake.

Current Trend

In today’s environment, which is becoming more mobile and cloud-driven due to edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), this data is frequently produced by large-scale endpoint devices and user activities. Rootfacts approach for businesses to derive value from massive amounts of data is through open-source frameworks are respective tools.

Expert Business Intelligence Consulting and Analytics Support


With the security and regulatory standards upheld, Rootfacts offers a reliable, enterprise-grade AI/ML and analytics cloud-like experience that can streamline data-intensive applications and provide the visibility, control, and performance of a hybrid cloud.


As a managed services, Rootfacts offers businesses the know-how and infrastructure (hardware and software) required for an effective data analytics architecture that is customized to meet particular business objectives. It also gives faster insights, especially for complicated Big Data.

Flexible model

With its flexible consumption-based strategy, our solution enables businesses to swiftly scale and shorten time to market by leveraging Rootfacts cloud services designed for vital industrial workloads, both vertical and horizontal.