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Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain the Ultimate Solution for Current Tech Challenges

You may enter the market with expert blockchain solutions created from the start or redesign pre-existing systems with the aid of a custom blockchain application development and software development services provider like Rootfacts. Our blockchain software developers have extensive experience creating secure and reliable solutions that accelerate the achievement of your company’s objectives.

Rootfacts provides Innovative Blockchain Development Services

In the journey of business automation, we assist startups and large corporations in integrating dependable and secure decentralized blockchain technology. Our blockchain solutions are implemented, modified, and integrated with features that are specific to corporate use cases.


To assist you in better-grasping blockchain technology, its possible use cases, and its utilization, the Rootfacts team offers live webinars and seminars. Rootfacts uses case studies of respective initiatives to exhibit how the blockchain may revolutionize your enterprise.

Development Of Blockchain ​

If you are certain that blockchain technology makes sense for your use case, you can push your concept forward to development. As a leading supplier of blockchain development services, we design and offer scalable blockchain solutions that will revolutionize the business processes of your organization.


Rootfacts monitors your existing system, evaluates whether a blockchain solution customized for your use case is necessary, and evaluates the potential benefits of blockchain technology for your business. We suggest possible solutions along with the right technology for the project in question.

Application of Blockchain Technology

The initial idea that led to the development of blockchain technology remains a fantastic use case. When compared to using current money transfer services, money transactions made using blockchain can be quicker and less expensive. This is particularly true for costly and time-consuming cross-border transactions. 

02.Safe access to health information

Doctors and other medical professionals can get accurate and current patient information by storing medical data on a blockchain. This can guarantee that patients who see several physicians receive the best care available. In certain situations, it might expedite the process of retrieving medical records, enabling prompt treatment. Additionally, physicians may quickly ascertain whether a patient is insured and whether their therapy is reimbursed if insurance information is stored in the database.

It may be safer to store personal information, like your social security number, birth date, and other identifying details, on a public ledger (like a blockchain) than it is on more vulnerable systems at the moment. In sectors including travel, healthcare, finance, and education, blockchain technology can be utilized to improve access for individuals in need of identifying information while also securing access to it.

Plenty of companies have surfaced in recent years providing decentralized bitcoin exchanges. Blockchain exchanges make transactions quicker and less expensive. Furthermore, because a decentralized exchange does not need investors to deposit their funds with the centralized authority, they enjoy greater security and liberty. Blockchain-based exchanges mostly deal in cryptocurrencies, but the technology can also be applied to traditional asset management.

Customers and insurance providers may benefit from increased transparency through the use of smart contracts on a blockchain. Customers would not be able to make several claims for the same occurrence if all claims were recorded on a blockchain. Smart contract implementation also expedites the payment procedure for claims.

To transfer deeds and titles to new owners and confirm ownership and financial information, real estate transactions necessitate an enormous amount of documentation. Verifying and transferring ownership in real estate transactions can be made more accessible and secure by using blockchain technology. This can considerably reduce paperwork, expedite processes, and result in significant cost savings.

There are several benefits to tracking goods as they go through a supply chain analytics or logistics network using blockchain technology. First off, because data is accessible on a secure public ledger, it facilitates communication between parties easier. Second, since data on the blockchain cannot be changed, it offers higher security and data integrity. As a result, participants in the logistics and supply chain may collaborate more effectively and feel more certain that the data being provided is correct and current.

Increasing the security and integrity of a data storage solution can be achieved by using blockchain technology. A centralized data storage provider could only have a few points of redundancy, but since data can be kept decentralized, it will be harder to hack into and destroy all the data on the network. Because access isn’t always dependent on the activities of a single organization, it also translates to increased access to data. In certain circumstances, storing data on a blockchain could potentially be less expensive.

Why Rootfacts is the Best Blockchain Development Company?


We outline your business objectives and processes for the respective system and consult with our blockchain experts on the viability of your blockchain project.


Rootfacts examine your current system to see if it can be moved to the blockchain. Our team of experts evaluates all business processes and determines the use cases for blockchain technology.

Defining Technical Components

Based on your company's specific needs and the kind of blockchain, our blockchain consulting team chooses the best blockchain platform for improved performance.


Our Blockchain Consultants assist customers in determining whether blockchain technology can be incorporated into their environment and business processes.


Rootfacts assists you in developing the unique blockchain product, from UI/UX to complete front-end and back-end implementation, after you're ready to begin developing blockchain technology.

Skilled Developer for Blockchain Development Solutions

We are always there for you to assist in handling your tech problems. Get connected with us to experience the best customer service related to blockchain development.