About Us

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About Us

At RootFacts, we are continuously evolving in our working standards and share an uncompromising passion to create effective technological products, services and solutions for the world. We help our customers in maximizing their IT investments, find new business opportunities and establish business results.

We have a team of experts from India, Italy, and the US having experience in managing all types of business functions of different industries. They even help in delivering transformational outcomes to meet the requirements of the business in the changing new digital world.

Along with our team and partners, we offer the best outcomes that set new standards in Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Process Automation that help in:

  • Saving valuable time and money for the company through enhanced transparency, efficiency and actionable intellect.
  • Reducing the company cost by identifying and eliminating invoice-processing errors and automated service schedules.
  • Tailoring their products and services to exactly what the customer wants.