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About Us

At RootFacts, we are continuously evolving in our working standards and share an uncompromising passion to create effective technological products, services and solutions for the world. We help our customers in maximizing their IT investments, find new business opportunities and establish business results.

At RootFacts Technologies, we believe in the power of technology to create opportunities for people and businesses. We employ experts from a wide range of fields including Supply Chain Data Analytics,Blockchain Development Services,Data Warehousing Services, AWS, IOT, ORACLE as well as cloud and network engineers who work together on multidisciplinary projects that provide holistic answers to client needs.

Client ratio

We take pleasure in boasting of a wide variety of clients. B2B businesses account for 80 % while those in the B2C sector make up 20 % of our clientele base which means we can provide end-to-end answers that are inclusive.



Our main task is to enable people and groups through the use of machines. We have
confidence in what technology can do to connect and empower the world.



Our development process is guided by three main principles: openness, trust and
ethical data management.