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Hire Haskell Developers

Hiring Haskell Developers for Building Safe and Secure Application

As you may be familiar Functional programming language Haskell is a general-purpose language primarily used for backend development. You can write software that is dependable, efficient, and simple to maintain by hiring our Haskell developers. We assure you the best tech experience with a proven legacy and track record.

Hire Haskell Developers

The code written by our Haskell experts is as trustworthy as the code written in languages like Python or JavaScript. You will be pleased as the development costs are considerably reduced.

02. Performer

The well-optimized compiler and strong concurrency support will make your application dependable, performant, and quick. Thus, blockchain projects or finance apps are ideal uses for using our Haskell service.

The significant emphasis on types in Haskell makes programs easier to maintain and enhance. This implies that adding new features and providing support for your application will be simpler and less expensive when hiring Haskell developers from Rootfacts.

At Rootfacts, Haskell is one of our primary tools. We are prepared to create different types of software by making use of Haskell because our developers have mastered the craft of building efficient, industrial-grade code.

Why Rootfacts?


Our committed team develops and advances the programming language through work on GHC, the most popular Haskell compiler.


Rootfacts engineers often mentor aspiring Haskell developers who go on to become industry professionals while teaching Haskell and functional programming at colleges.

Haskell advisory

We will examine your specific use case and recommend the best course of action for advancing your project.

Ensure Code Correctness with Our Expert Haskell Developers

Web Applications

Utilize Haskell to create dependable and efficient web applications. To produce outcomes quickly and reliably, we make use of several frameworks like that are suitable for your projects.
Our area of expertise is developing scalable distributed applications with low latency. This covers extensive blockchain networks as well as finance options for businesses and startups.

Creating Software

Create an application that best satisfies your strategic goals. After hearing your concept and reviewing your specifications, our team will select the most appropriate Haskell frameworks and tools to address your issue.

Committed Group

Hire Haskell developers from Rootfacts to create and manage your project. Every stage of the software development process, from conception to development and maintenance, will be assisted by your team.

Inspection and Upkeep

Our experts will review your code to find security flaws, performance snags, and other issues that could lead to troubles later.