Operational Analytics Solutions

Streamline Operational Analytics and Improve Performance

Operational analytics is the branch of business analytics that measures the company’s current, in-the-moment activities. As you may be familiar it makes use of business intelligence and data analysis to enhance productivity and expedite daily tasks in real time. By using top tech strategies involving data mining, AI, and machine learning, operational analytics gives your businesses greater transparency, which enables them to make more informed decisions.

Improve Your Efficiency with Our Operational Analytics Solutions

In the current business scenario, companies need to have access to real-time data that is completely transparent about customer behavior and business processes. Hence getting connected with us allows business owners to monitor their daily operations and take the appropriate action to increase both customer satisfaction and profitability. Operational data analytics should be used since it facilitates rapid decision-making at scale and can assist groups in resolving issues.

Key Features of an Operational Analytics Consulting Services

  • We help in revealing the patterns and trends that are hidden from view in massive amounts of raw data. 
  •  Our tools enhance the forecasting of production capacity and also demonstrate how to make several operations more efficient.
  • Rootfacts assist in decreasing downtime by enabling you to anticipate failures or even spot issues as they arise.
  • Rootfacts with its personalized company-specific tools helps you handle things with ease. Without any specialist analysts, authorized personnel can extract data and visualize it as needed.

Why incorporate Rootfacts Operational Analytics Strategy?

The potential to anticipate difficulties and take action before customers even discover them is a common hazard associated with operational analysis, while specific departmental benefits may differ. All things considered, operational analysis boosts output, decreases downtime and enhances forecasting. You can create links by using our operational analytics tool. To complete tasks, like determining a product’s use in one tool and then sending that information to your email engine, you don’t need to access every data source or application.

Among the advantages that here important aspects associated with using Rootfacts service are as follows:

Best customer experiences

Our teams troubleshoot issues as they emerge with the use of specific operational analytics solutions. Customers can receive individualized offers and experiences from precise intelligence. Also, it enhances consumer satisfaction. Companies can find new items and services to offer clients by reviewing trends.

Faster decision-making

Rather than waiting for quarterly or monthly reports, make better judgments every day. Information on processes and workflows can be obtained by those with the power to modify them thanks to operational data analytics.

Enhanced productivity

By eliminating manual processes like updating spreadsheets and requesting data via email, our operational analytics helps identify waste and duplication of effort.


Rootfacts statistical models and machine learning identify cost-saving efficiencies. Also with enhanced intelligence, everyone is capable of making wiser decisions.

Find a Customized Solutions for Operational Analytics

Using Rootfacts Business Intelligence‘s AI and machine learning features, operations managers can make smarter decisions regularly. Fix an appointment with our team to discuss the tech tools that are required to meet the company’s needs and improve performance.