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IoT Analytics Solutions

IoT-Based Solution for Profitable Business

Imagine being able to gather, examine, and track data from any “thing.” How about visualizing IoT data with self-service, real-time streaming analytics? Enable your partners, clients, and coworkers to profit from IoT data. Real-time data can be used in any industry to provide innovations, opportunities, and insights. Discover how simple it is to develop an IoT solution with the top low-code, self-service analytics, and IoT platform by experiencing Rootfacts IoT service.

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Past - Gathering Information

Production process efficiency can be considerably increased by using existing data, this will provide insights into why an incident occurred and how frequently it does occur.

Rootfacts provides analytics software services that look at past data to identify potential core causes so that future occurrences of the same behavior can be prevented.

Our data tools help you to store your IoT data over time in an IoT data lake. Also, you can get your IoT data for historical analytics at a later time. Making better judgments requires combining historical and real-time IoT analytics solutions to identify trends and learn from the past.

Present - Evaluate Information Instantly

Rootfacts streaming analytics enables processing and analysis of rapidly transforming live data from many sources, including IoT devices, to generate automated, real-time actions or alarms and make sure equipment is operating as intended.

It is frequently the first step in exploiting IoT data to create corporate value. This enables you to filter and aggregate data in addition to finding patterns. Using alerts and notifications from our streaming analytics, you may take immediate action.

Future - Get Ready for the Future

Businesses can develop, train, and use machine learning models for demand forecasting, predictive maintenance, and anomaly detection by fusing real-time streaming with historical IoT data by making use of Rootfacts IoT analytics solutions.

IoT-powered machine learning creates insights by utilizing past activity to spot trends and create models that assist in forecasting actions and occurrences in the future.

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Using Rootfact’s strategic tool to manage linked assets, real-time data analytics, and monitoring, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions enable manufacturers to run more efficiently and remain informed, in control, and adaptable. With our self-service IoT platform, you can rapidly and easily create smart linked products, enhance quality, or obtain supply chain insights.


Retailers are turning to the Internet of Things more than ever because of spontaneity, for anything from contact-free shopping to boosting operational efficiencies with real-time data and associated Rootfacts tools. As per our IoT Analytics services, a market analyst, the retail industry is experiencing the fastest growth in IoT initiatives.


Utilizing a real-time IoT store platform based on Rootfacts IoT to connect stores more quickly. Everything can be connected, including legacy and business systems and store equipment like queuing sensors and shelf-edge labels. Also, you may simply modify your platform to meet changing business requirements. Connected inventory, connected shop, and connected customers. Utilizing our IoT solution in retail to link everything.

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Many times, organizations launch an IoT project without knowing exactly what their main objective should be or even if they will derive significant value from it. To influence every business decision and accomplish goals like increased uptime, efficiency, and adaptability to new business models, you need Rootfacts precise, pertinent data that can help you to handle things smoothly.