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RootFacts Company: A Case Study of how GIS is Changing the Water Industry

This company supports data collection, analysis, and use. It ensures that your GIS data is analyzed using advanced spatial techniques by its team to provide you with meaningful insights. In this regard, we shall turn complex datasets into understandable reports and visuals to facilitate decision making.

Customized Application Development

Is there any specific function that your GIS system doesn’t have? We can create customized programs for water management within RootFacts Company.

Support & Training

Give your employees a voice. The RootFacts Company provides comprehensive training on how best to apply the GIS technology. Furthermore, our ongoing support assures you derive maximum benefit from your investment in GIS systems.

Impacts of RootFacts GIS Solutions in Real-Life Scenarios

These are some few instances where water utilities and organizations have benefited from using the company’s GIS solutions:

Leak Reduction and Detection

The RootFacts Company worked together with one big city to put up a leak detection system which was gis-based. By looking at trends in consumption levels and pipe pressures it could quickly detect leaks hence leading to major savings in water costs as well as reduced needs for infrastructure maintenance.

Proactive Water Quality Management

One rural water system affected by agricultural runoff partnered with RootFacts Company. Our districts’ wells were integrated into a GIS platform that had water quality monitoring for prevention of pollution.

Sustainable Water Resource Management

For example, one such authority engaged Rootfacts Co. to design a map based plan to regulate these resources when an expanding town demands additional supply of water.