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Rootfacts Company's Billing and Customer Management Solutions for the Water Industry: Simplifying Customer Care

These days, water utilities and organizations must offer more than clean water.  In order to build trust, retain customers and remain financially viable, effective customer service must be offered along with a good billing system.  These are the problems that Rootfacts Company, a leading supplier of water solutions is aware of. We can give you complete billing as well as customer management systems customized for the water sector that will grow your revenue collection rate, improve your clients’ satisfaction level and make your operations more efficient.v

The Changing Water Customer Management Environment

Instead of manual contact between customers support representatives and paper invoices for water bills some changes should be implemented by providers of water:

The internet allows consumers to read their meter readings, electronic bill payment online or get account details.

This entails sharing various means like email or SMS on issues to do with billing statements; then there could also be notices regarding levels of consumption.

This means that clients can manage their accounts at any given time using features such as online portals where they can check information related to bills; leaks can also be reported through online platforms among other services.

By studying consumer data one can identify targeted customer interaction strategies, consumption trends or even possible leakage points.

Traditional Billing and Customer Management Systems' Drawbacks

Conventional customer management and billing systems include:

Labour- and time-intensive
Manual data entry, sending out paper invoices rather than technology based ones as well as having telephone call centers for customer care all makes it labour intensive in terms of effort required in handling these activities.


Errors in invoicing may arise while doing manual data input which might also lead to customer annoyance.
Limited Customer Visibility
It could be difficult for customers to get in touch with the utility and find information related to their accounts.

Ineffective Revenue Collection

This process may be slowed down by manual payment processing or the use of paper invoices which increases administrative costs.

The benefits of the billing and customer management solutions offered by Rootfacts Company

These concerns are addressed by our solutions, which have several advantages

Improved Communication, Self-Service Facilities and Easy Online Access to Account Information – These three factors lead to an enhanced degree of client satisfaction.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

This reduces administrative expenses associated with manual labour through self service options, online payments as well as invoicing that is automated.

Decreased Billing Errors

Automated billing systems help to reduce human errors thus guaranteeing accurate billing.

Faster Revenue Collection

Online payments and automated billing processes allow for quicker revenue collection.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Consumer data may provide insights into optimizing price structure, detecting leaks and enhancing consumer participation.

Rootfacts Company: Your Go-To Source for Efficient Invoicing and Customer Care

Rootfacts Company understands the unique water industry’s requirements about how bills are made and client relationships managed. We offer a range of solutions that will help you keep happy clients; in addition your operations will also run smoothly:

Examples from the Real World: The Impact of Rootfacts Billing and Customer Management

Here are few cases showing how water utilities have benefited from billing and customer management systems offered by Rootfacts Company: