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Command and Control: Enabling Metal Fabrication with RootFacts SCADA Systems

The metal fabrication industry is sustained by real-time information and control. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are critical to mission success as they serve as a central monitoring, controlling, and optimizing hub for production processes. Yet, the generic SCADA systems may not suit you.

For the metals sector, RootFacts, a leading software development company, has designed kind of custom SCADA system development. We do more than just provide generic solutions; we make systems that are specific to your equipment, work flow and data management.

Custom SCADA Systems for Metal Fabrication:

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Smooth Integration
We will integrate our scada system with any existing equipment that you have including cnc machines, welding stations,sensor networke etc. This will enable centralized collection of data from sensors in all parts of your plant that would be important in decision making.

Real-Time Data Acquisition and Monitoring

Use real-time visibility on significant production metrics. Observe machine status while maintaining track progress through process parameters analysis which allows identifying possible issues thus results optimization.
Alarming and Event Management
Real-time alarms can be set up to alert operators about immediate problems such as equipment breakdowns or deviations from process parameters allowing preemptive action to be taken thereby reducing downtime at the respective facilities.

Customizable Dashboards and Reports

Create dashboards that hard user friendly nature designs reports which can be changed when wanted by different department personnel’s such product manager for OEE or quality assurance staff to reveal tendencies when defining preventive measures accordingly.

Benefits of a Custom SCADA System:

Improved Operational Efficiency

With live data at your fingertips, you can optimize your production process, eliminate bottlenecks and maximize output.

Better Product Quality

Continuous vigilance on the set of process parameters ensures that products match customers’ expectations consistently.

Reduced Production Costs

In this way, identify inefficiencies; prevent equipment failures at the most opportune times and so forth are done in attempt to minimize expenses of producing goods.

Heightened Safety and Security

Watch out for any safety hazards before they occur through real-time monitoring. User access controls enhance security.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Make informed decisions about future investments after analyzing historical data on resource allocation and process optimization

Advanced Features:

Advanced Data Analytics and Reporting

Use some advanced tools to trace such trends and patterns from manufacturing data generated within your system for purposes of making comprehensive reports meant for CI programs.

MES and ERP Integration

Centralize data management, enjoy real-time visibility into production, plus optimize resource allocation by integrating a SCADA system with MES or ERP systems

Partner with RootFacts

We have various offerings including custom SCADA system development services which can be useful for metal fabrication operations. Experience the power of SCADA systems by attaining tremendous progress regarding efficiency, quality assurance, safety as well as general productivity levels.