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Shaping the Future: Additive Manufacturing Integration for Metal Fabrication by RootFacts

Metal fabrication is about to undergo a drastic change. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), has revolutionized metal product development through its ability to create intricate geometries and lightweight structures. In this case, one of the leading firms in software development today, RootFacts provides specialized services that allow metal fabricators to implement AM.

Beyond Traditional Manufacturing: Embracing the Potential of Additive Manufacturing

RootFacts services are not limited to selling 3-D printers. Our approach to AM integration is more inclusive and involves:

Needs Analysis and Feasibility Study

This allows us to understand your specific needs, production requirements and product designs in close tandem with your team. Following this we engage in a comprehensive feasibility analysis to determine if it would be right for you to integrate AM into your process.

Metal Selection and Process Knowledge

We have extensive knowledge on different types of metal additive manufacturing processes such as Laser Beam Melting (LBM), Electron Beam Melting (EBM), Binder Jetting among others. Consequently, we assist you in choosing the right material-processing combination for your product taking into consideration features like surface finish, weight and strength.

AM CAD / CAM Integration

To speed up design preparation process into slice files, our company ensures a seamless connection between existing CAD programs with dedicated AM software.

Additive Manufacturing Process Optimization

Optimization of printing parameters such as support structure design or build orientation helps print high quality objects while minimizing waste material and consequently reducing print time.

Benefits of Integrating Additive Manufacturing

The merits related to investing in AM integration from RootFacts include:

Design Freedom & Complex Geometries
Unlocking true design freedom endowed by AM technology will let you make items having internal channels/lattices/or other features that cannot be realized through conventional shaping methods.

Rapid Prototyping & Design Iteration

Rapid prototyping of new designs and iterating on existing ones faster, hence savings on product development cycles acceleration and reduction in time-to-market

Weight Reduction & Performance Optimization

These are light components with high strength to weight ratios perfect for aerospace and automotive applications where there is need to reduce weight.

Less Material Waste

AM has a near zero net shape production that minimizes the amount of waste compared to other subtractive manufacturing processes.

On-demand Manufacturing and Customization

Aiding in spare parts production on demand or customized units cutting down reliance on massive inventories while augmenting supply chain flexibility.

Partnering with RootFacts for Successful AM Integration

Successful AM integration goes beyond technology. Our comprehensive partnership approach includes:

WF Integration

Assists in integrating AM workflow into your current metal fabrication processes thus ensuring smooth transition and efficient flow into production.

Quality Control & Post-Processing Expertise

Offers guidance on quality control techniques for AM parts that include non-destructive testing as well as post-processing methods such as heat treatment or surface finishes.

Training & Support

We also offer training programs that will ensure your staffs know how operate and maintain this equipment so as to maximize its utility while at the same time maintaining a uniform print quality.

Embrace the Metal Fabrication Future

Additive manufacturing is a complete game changer for metal fabrication. Please contact RootFacts to explore how our AM integration can unlock this technology’s potential, revolutionize your product development and drive you towards innovation and efficiency in your organization as well.