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Optimize Supply Chain with Cutting-Edge TMS

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) from Rootfacts: Enhancing the Journey

The world’s increasing interconnection means that effective transportation is a must for any successful logistics operation. In order to meet customer demands, businesses depend on efficient supply chains, save cost and beat competitors. This is where Transportation Management Systems (TMS) come in handy.

Rootfacts modern TMS solutions are among the best all-inclusive logistics solutions providers offering simple transport management, optimizing routes and giving more control of the supply chain to businesses. This detailed review examines Rootfacts TMS products by looking at their advantages, characteristics, and how they might change your approach to managing transport.

Transportation Management System (TMS) Understanding

A Transportation Management System (TMS) is an application program designed specifically to handle every aspect of freight transportation. It serves as a central point for these activities with it performing the following functions: Carrier management which incorporates choosing affordable but reliable shippers for each shipment, handling contracts and negotiating prices. Route optimization involves creating optimum routes while taking into consideration various factors such as traffic patterns, delivery dates, fuel costs and distance. Simplifying way of  acquiring freight capacity rates from carriers.

Shipment tracking & visibility

through this system all movements are tracked at any given stage ensuring transparency thus enabling proactive exceptions handling. Documentation management entailing organizing shipping documents effectively such as bills of lading invoices or custom papers.

Data & Analytics

By exposing areas of vulnerability in shipping activities and perfecting next shipments based on this concept.

Uncovering Rootfacts TMS Solutions' Power

Rootfacts TMS options have been carefully fashioned in order to satisfy the diverse requirements of contemporary logistic operations. Here are some of their major differentiators:

Scalability & Customization

These TMS platforms provided by Rootfacts are made flexible enough to accommodate diverse business needs including size and kind of transportation services offered. They also offer both on-premise and cloud-based deployments for greater flexibility.

Multi-modal Transportation Support

Include freight movements across different types of transportation modes such as trucking, rail, air cargo and ocean freight.

Real-time Visibility & Tracking

From purchasing to the point of receiving the goods you can interact with your clients ahead of time.

Advanced Route Optimization

Based on factors such as mileage, traffic, fuel prices or delivery dates these algorithms utilize strong algorithms to choose the best routes.

Carrier Management & Procurement

To streamline the carrier selection process manage carrier contracts, compare quotes and negotiate rates all in one central platform.

Automated Documentation Management

Automatically generate as well as process shipping documents e.g. bills  of lading which helps save time and ensure accuracy.

Integrated logistics management (ILM)

Integrate your existing WMS and accounting software with your TMS for a complete view of your supply chain.

Rootfacts TMS – The Best Choice For Different Sectors

Different sectors have different kinds of transport requirements. To meet this demand, Rootfacts has come up with TMS solutions which can be tailored accordingly:


Streamline intricate production schedules, optimize just-in-time deliveries and ensure timely supplies of raw materials


Optimize inventory spread across a network of outlets; multi-drop deliveries to stores; products on shelves


Offering online orders with fast delivery times and live tracking functionalities is a good way to show first-class customer care.

Third party Logistics (3PL) Providers

Toward managing complex logistics activities for multiple client’s transparency, cost-effective transport is important.