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Molecular Modelling and Visualization Service

Biotech Solutions: Molecular Modelling and Visualization

Indicating that a novel way of discovering medicine,  drug discovery, and materials advancement breakthrough is possible in the realm of bio molecules (DNA, proteins and other complex structures).  But these molecules are too small to be seen by bare eyes. Molecular modelling and visualization fill up this gap by giving biotech companies powerful tools to explore and understand the intricate world of bio molecules at an atomic level.

RootFacts: The Pacesetter in Computational Biology

RootFacts is a front-runner in biotechnology offers a comprehensive range of molecular modelling and visualization services for boosting your research and development (R&D) work.  Utilizing state-of-the art software and methodologies, our computational biologists alongside bioinformaticians build virtual models for bio molecules thereby allowing you to:

Gain Deeper Insights into Protein Function

Model protein-protein interactions, analyze protein folding and dynamics, predict potential drug targets.

Accelerate Drug Discovery

Conduct virtual screening of millions of compounds that can be potential drugs with very good binding affinity towards target molecules.

Design Novel Biomaterials

Create in silico models of new materials with desired properties for applications including drug delivery, tissue engineering or bio catalysis.

Optimize Bioprocesses

Model and simulate complex biological processes to improve efficiency and productivity in areas like bio manufacturing or fermentation.

Molecular Modeling: Bridging over the Submicroscopic

Molecular modelling involves generating three-dimensional (3D) structures of bio molecules through computational techniques.  In doing so, RootFacts services entail various components associated with molecular modelling

Homology Modelling

Building up a 3D model of a protein based on what is known from another protein structure.

RootFacts goes further than just offering software and tools. We have a collaborative approach where we closely work with your research team such that we understand your specific needs and objectives. This is what distinguishes RootFacts.

State-of-the art technology

To ensure the accuracy and efficiency in our modelling and visualization services, we employ latest software applications as well as computational resources.

Data Analysis and interpretation

Generating models is not the end-point; we help you interpret data so that it has significant meaning to you.

A team of experts

Our team is made up of computational biologists, bio informaticians and visualization specialists who are highly experienced in biotech industry.

Personalized solutions:

Our services are specifically designed for your research projects and desired bio molecules.

Continuous support

For you to be able to use molecular modeling with visualization effectively in your research you need ongoing support from us.

Investing in the Future: The Power of Computational Biology

The biotech industry has changed due to molecular modelling and visualization which have changed how to comprehend and manipulate bio molecules. By joining forces with RootFacts, one can tap into cutting-edge computational tools along with expert guidance leading them towards revolutionary findings during their research endeavours. Welcome computational biology as it ushers in new phase of innovation within the biotechnology field.