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Paperless Manufacturing and Real-time Data: The Transformation of Metal Fabrication by Rootfacts MES

Rootfacts provides an MES software development solution for the metal industry. Our tailored MES systems offer real-time insight and control over your production process. They are designed to fit into your company’s unique production requirements in terms of workflows, equipment, and processes.

Basic Information Gathering Above

Rootfacts MES has gone beyond just collecting data. We develop MES systems that provide you with valuable details.

Shop Floor Data Acquisition

Real-time collection of information from the production systems, quality control devices and machines

Production Planning and Scheduling

Develop a detailed manufacturing plan considering raw material availability, machine capability limitations, personnel competency or skill set

Work Order Management

Create a comprehensive system that assigns work orders, tracks their progress and controls supplies

Display critical production metrics like work order completion rates, machine usage rates etc., in real time for quality control purposes.

Tracking Performance

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as cycle times, scrap levels, output amount per unit time, quality control indices etc. Review these to identify areas where metal fabrication needs improvement.

MES Software Customization -Why Invest?

This will result in:

Enhancing Your Execution of Production

We are currently enhancing our MES with additional functionality including:

Paperless Manufacturing Workflow

We can eliminate paper-based documents by adding electronic work instructions and quality control checklists to our MES system.

MES Integration with Other Systems

Your MES solution can include your existing CAD/CAM as well as ERP software among other relevant systems.

Process Control and Automation

This is when certain activities involved in production are automated according to predetermined rules or standards.

Mobile Access and Real-Time Communication

Additionally to mobile access to production data, you can incorporate real-time communication aspects.

Working Together to Make Successful Metal Fabrication

Rootfacts becomes a trusted partner. So as to develop an MES system that integrates with your current structure we interact with your team in totality. Additionally we offer ongoing support and training.

Are you ready to steer and lead your metal fabrication business?

To learn how our MES software development services can help you achieve manufacturing excellence today contact Rootfacts.