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Building a Healthier Community: RootFacts Population Health Management Solutions

A shift in the healthcare world is occurring towards population health management (PHM).  It entails a proactive approach that goes beyond treating diseases in individuals to promote wellness among populations within a specific geographical area.  In view of the importance of PHM, we at RootFacts provide complete solutions to enable healthcare organizations achieve:

Better Population Health Outcomes
Minimize chronic disease prevalence, reduce health care utilization and improve general health outcomes for your patient population.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Concentrate on preventive care and population-based interventions so as to cut down on expensive treatment needs.

Improved Patient Engagement

Enable patients to manage their own health and wellbeing actively.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Look into trends associated with public health so as to be able to target interventions and allocate resources appropriately.

Enhanced Care Coordination

Facilitate integration between different providers of healthcare such that an entire population can receive uninterrupted healthcare services.

This comprehensive guide delves deeply into PHM, its merits and how our solutions at RootFacts can help you build a healthier community for your organization.

Understanding Population Health Management

Population health management (PHM) is an all-encompassing approach to medical practice that aims at improving overall well-being of defined groups of people.  It transcends treating individual ailments through advocates for prevention, early intervention and treatments of diseases.

Key Components of a Successful PHM Program

Determination Of The Population

State clearly whom you want to serve like specific geographical area, patient cohort or demographic group

Collection And Analysis Of Data

Obtain complete information about the status of the patient’s health condition, risk factors involved and social determinants within their environment

Identification Of Risks

Identify persons who are highly susceptible to developing chronic illness or experiencing complex health issues

Interventions Targeted At Specific Persons

Develop and implement relevant interventions like preventive screenings, health education programs, disease management programs based on risks and needs.

Coordinated Care

Improve the links between healthcare providers such that patients are not faced with gaps in their care.

Evaluation And Monitoring

Regularly check up on population health outcomes and base your interventions on collected data as well as program effectiveness.

Benefits of Implementing Population Health Management Programs

Implementing a successful PHM program using RootFacts solutions has several advantages:

Lower Healthcare Costs

Proactively addressing health issues reduces the need for costly treatments, hospital admissions, emergency department visits saving significant amounts money for healthcare organizations as well as payers.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Analysis of comprehensive data provides insights into trends in population health leading to informed decisions on how to allocate resources, intervention strategies and efficacy of a program.

Better Population Health Outcomes

Focusing on prevention and early intervention can bring down chronic disease levels, improve health outcomes, and create healthier populations.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

A sense of ownership over one’s own well-being gets created through PHM programs in form of education about personal health issues self-management tools and improved communication skills with physicians.

Improved Care Coordination

The collaboration among the healthcare providers guarantees seamless services given to the patients thus eliminating disparities/inefficiencies in the delivery system of healthcare services

RootFacts Population Health Management Solutions

RootFacts offers a complete range of solutions for supporting your PHM implementation:

Data Integration and Analytics

We are seamlessly integrated within your existing healthcare data infrastructure employing advanced analytics to offer you an overall view regarding your population’s state of health plus risk factors.

Development of Personalized Risk Stratification Models

Develop personalized risk models that will identify individuals who are at increased risk for certain health conditions, and allow targeted interventions.

Programs of Care Management

Implementing evidence-based care management programs for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory tract illnesses to enhance their treatment outcomes within patient self-management skills.

Patient Engagement Tools

Promote patient engagement through educative resources, self-help aids or communication opportunities.

Care Coordination Platform

Ensure that health care providers taking part in the customer’s recovery process can communicate efficiently across each other to deliver the necessary help (services) without any repeated tests and diagnostics.

Program Management and Reporting

Provide ongoing program management support with comprehensive reports to track progress, measure success, and identify areas for improvement.…

Security and Privacy

RootFacts gives priority to data security and privacy. Our solutions are designed in line with the highest regulatory standards and protocols aimed at protecting sensitive patient information.

Investing in a Healthier Future

Population health management is a new paradigm shift in healthcare industry which aims at addressing proactive strategies towards a healthier population. By partnering with RootFacts you get access to expertise and technology required to implement an effective PHM program, improve population health outcomes while achieving significant cost savings.