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RegTech Software for Seamless Compliance

RootFacts RegTech and Compliance Software: Unveiled in the Regulatory Maze for the Finance Industry

This is due to the fact that as a financial sector, there are a number of rules put in place to protect customers, preserve market integrity and prevent system crises.  Financial institutions have to keep themselves up-to-date on evolving regulatory requirements, which can be costly both in terms of time and resources. This is where RegTech (Regulatory Technology) comes in.

A comprehensive suite of RegTech and Compliance Software developed by RootFacts, a leading provider of financial technology solutions will simplify regulatory compliance processes for financial institutions of all sizes.  In this article we will take an in-depth look at RootFacts RegTech solutions which show how they can make your company:

The Regulatory Landscape: A Growing Challenge

Factors such as technological advancements, emerging financial products or global economic trends fuel changes in financial regulations today.  Consequently, these regulations may cover such areas as follows:

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

This involves identification and verification of customer identities, transaction monitoring for suspicious activities as well as reporting potential money laundering incidents.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Analyzing background information and financial operations undertaken by clients to assess associated threats.

Market Conduct

Ensure that all customers are treated fairly and ethically; prevent any manipulations on the market; comply with best practices.

Capital Adequacy

Storing an adequate amount of capital reserves capable of mitigating probable losses thereby ensuring stability within finance systems.

Data Privacy

Protect customer data according to laws such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Burden of Compliance: Challenges Faced by Financial Institutions

Major challenges for financial institutions include:

Manual Processes

Traditional ways of compliance usually involve a lot of work done manually by gathering data, analyzing it and reporting which is time consuming, prone to errors and inefficient.

High Costs

The costs associated with keeping compliance teams and the use of manual processes can be very expensive for financial institutions, especially small ones that have limited resources.

Increased Scrutiny

Financial institutions are being watched keenly by regulators who now impose heavy fines and cause reputational damage when they fail to comply.

Lack of Visibility

Through these ways, there is no transparency or real-time visibility into compliance risks that makes it difficult to proactively identify and resolve any such potential problems.

Empowering Compliance with RootFacts RegTech Solutions

Financial institutions will benefit from:

Automate Workflows

This entails automating tasks such as KYC/AML checks, transaction monitoring and regulatory reporting through which there is reduced workload, better efficiency and less errors.

Centralized Data Management

Merging customer information, transaction records as well as compliance documents in a sole platform for ensuring data consistency and quick access to regulatory reporting information.

Real-time Risk Monitoring

Continually assessing customer activity together with transactions so as to detect unusual behaviours in moments whereby action could be taken before any regulatory violations are committed.

Regulatory Reporting Automation

Subsequent production of reports in line with particular requirements can thus be automated. Cut down the time spent on report preparation process as well as the human resources involved while making sure regulations are adhered to within stipulated timelines set up by relevant authorities.

Audit Trail Management

There should be complete audit trails covering all compliance activities including; user actions; data modification; report generation processes. This helps in regulatory analysis process thereby showing commitment towards being compliant.

Employee Training Tools

Providing modules and materials on related laws/regulations concerning compliance procedures for staffs. It forms a base for reducing mistakes arising from individual employees throughout the organization thereby establishing a culture of compliance.

Benefits of Using RootFacts RegTech and Compliance Software

Utilizing RootFacts RegTech and Compliance Software can bring about several advantages for financial institutions including:

Improved Efficiency in Compliance

Automate work processes, squeeze time spent on manual activities and reduce repetitive tasks in order to redirect resources to more strategic projects.

Lesser Regulatory Risk

Anticipate forthcoming challenges related to compliance through real-time monitoring and risk assessment.

Enhanced Cost Control

Cut down expenditure incurred through manual regulatory red tape as well as regulatory fines.

More Transparency

Access compliance activity data and regulation requirements right away, thus breeding a sense of responsibility among stakeholders.

Stronger Reputation

Demonstrating commitment towards regulatory obedience is a way that builds credibility with customers and regulators.