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Algorithmic Trading: Automating Success in the Financial Markets with Rootfacts

Trading in financial markets is characterized by supersonic speed of its operations, as situations and opportunities are very transient. This has made algorithmic trading to become a revolutionary force that uses computers to develop algorithms for automating trading strategies and make gains out of market inefficiencies. The company provides innovative FinTech solutions which bring sophistication, efficiency and superior returns on investments in the ever changing world of finance.

Demystifying Algorithmic Trading: Powering Markets with Automation

Computer programs are used to control execution of trades under algorithmic trading or automated trading or algo trading.  Here are its main components:

These are computer programs that define entry and exit points for positions based on quantitative analysis, technical indicators and market data.

These platforms link up algorithms to electronic exchanges thereby enabling real time order placement and trade execution.

Real-time or historical market data feeds ensure that algorithms have all the required information necessary for informed trading decision making process.

Testing how effective they were when it comes to previous pricing information before live use allows optimization of their parameters.

Benefits of Algorithmic Trading

The following benefits can be derived from such trades:

Speed & Accuracy

human reaction times are surpassed since these systems react quickly in terms of market movements as well as place orders too at super speed than human beings.

Reduced Emotional Bias

More disciplined execution of trading strategy is one advantage algorithmic trading has over manual trading because emotional biases experienced by people when making decisions about buying or selling assets is eliminated.

Backtesting and Optimization

Before deploying them in live markets, traders can test their strategies using historical data so as refine them, identifying their weaknesses as well as strengths within different kinds of markets.

24/7 Market Coverage

Algo-traders enjoy continuous monitoring of markets thereby allowing them to trade hours which are normally inconvenient for human traders.

Increased Order Efficiency

Automated algorithms can handle complex order types and execution strategies with greater efficiency.

These are various algorithmic trading strategies that cater for different market conditions and risk tolerances:

The following benefits can be derived from such trades:

Mean Reversion

Such systems concentrate on purchasing assets that have fallen below their historical averages or selling those whose values have gone beyond their averages.


It takes advantages of discrepancies in pricing among differing markets dealing with the same security.

Trend Following

Identifies and captures trends in price movements, capitalizing on sustained price movements.

Market Making

They place bid as well as ask orders at certain prices thus providing liquidity to any particular market.

Understanding the Risks of Algorithmic Trading

Despite numerous pluses, there are a number of risks:

Market Flash Crashes

It can lead to flash crashes during periods of high stress by contributing to increased volatility due to algorithmic trading.

Technology Dependence

Algorithmic trading relies heavily on technology infrastructure. System failures or errors can lead to significant looses.

Regulatory Scrutiny

Regulators are becoming more interested in practices employed by algorithmic traders aimed at ensuring fairness and stability in the marketplace.

Rootfacts Algorithmic Trading Solutions: Powering Informed Decisions

Rootfacts has an array of comprehensive algorithmic trading solutions designed specifically for traders and institutions alike;

Low-Latency Execution Platform

Connect your algorithms to major exchanges minimizing latency hence assuring fast efficient objectives.

Risk Management Tools

Implement reliable risk management features for position monitoring, stop loss placement and potential loss control

Algo Development & Back testing Platform

Develop, test and optimize your rules-based investment strategy in a secure user-friendly environment.

Market Data Feeds

Trade real-time and historic market data feeds to power your algorithmic strategies.

Compliance Support

Ensure that your algorithmic trading activities are in line with the relevant rules and best practices of the industry.

Benefits of Partnering with Rootfacts for Algorithmic Trading

Traders and institutions can reap a number of benefits by partnering with Rootfacts including:

Improve trade efficiency through automated execution systems and back testing functions.

Save time and resources by removing manual order entry and monitoring tasks.

you can use real-time data to make informed trading decisions as well as optimize your algorithmic strategies using historical data

Built-in risk management tools plus compliance support will help you mitigate risks.

Capitalize on market opportunities through quicker execution plus back tested strategies.