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Robotic Microscopy and Image Analysis Service

Robotic Microscopy and Image Analysis

Robotic Microscopy and Image Analysis for Modern Biotech Labs

The field of biotechnology is about cells, proteins, and bio molecules. This microscopic analysis is a part of research that allows experts to observe biological objects, record cellular processes, and better understand the mechanisms of diseases. But traditional microscopy techniques may consume too much time, require much work and can be subjective.

When it comes to providing advanced robotic microscopy and image analysis solutions to biopharmaceutical companies, RootFacts remains at the top list for these services. Our package consists of both hardware tools as well as software programs which are able to take care of all your microscopy needs automatically from capturing images in high throughput manner up till feature extraction using complex microscopic images. Thus BioTech can use this power for their own good making microscope accessible to more people thereby increasing the speed of researches within these industries.

Limitations faced by conventional microscopy methods in BioTech

Manual microscopy approaches pose several challenges to BioTech firms:

Subjective Nature

Inaccuracies resulting from biased perspective during microscopic observations could lead to inconsistencies or difficulty in data repeatability.

Monotonous Duties and Fatigue

By its nature microscopy jobs require continuous repetition procedures thus might cause fatigue on operators with higher chances of mistakes happening during assays carried out manually.

Time Consuming Techniques

The research could be held back greatly due to manual photographing and examining which consumes much time.

Low Throughputs

The traditional ones are not fit for large scale image analysis projects or high throughput screening.

Limited information extraction capabilities

Some valuable information in an intricate micr2oscopic picture may escape us because we were unable to analyze it manually.

All such limitations undermine research progress itself by slowing down data collection pace while introducing errors into results obtained affecting overall success rate within BioTech operations sector.

Offered by Rootfacts robotic microscopy and image analysis

The following are some of the features that distinguish RootFacts robotic microscopy and image analysis from existing ones:

Advantages of Using RootFacts Robotic Microscopy and Image Analysis Solutions

There are several benefits that BioTech companies enjoy as a result of using RootFacts robotic microscopy and image analysis:

Faster Research Process

Automation reduces time needed for taking pictures and conducting tests on them thereby providing room for explanations making new assumptions.

Better Quality Data

Automated analysis eliminates human inaccuracies often occurring in biases resulting in more reliable scientific findings based on objective information.

Increased Productivity

The need to work with huge amounts of pictures is satisfied through robotized systems used widely today thus speeding up these processes.

More Insightful Images

Automated image processing algorithms capture numeric information beyond human capability identifying invisible traces about biology underneath.

Standardized Workflows

There will no longer be any variations between the acquisition as well as analyses protocols leading to similar results obtained during researches carried out.  

Lower Costs

Improved efficiency plus smooth procedures may reduce costs over time thereby enabling you to save a lot of money while running your tasks.

RootFacts Robotic Microscopy and Image Analysis Systems in Action: Examples

The following are specific instances on how RootFacts robotic microscopy and image analysis solutions help BioTech firms: