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Secure Drug Discovery and Development Solutions

Bench to Bedside - Drug Discovery and Development Services

The search for drugs that save lives is a demanding task in biotechnology companies. D&D (drug discovery and development) is a complex and protracted process characterized by many challenges and uncertainties. RootFacts serves as a reliable partner in this course, rendering its researchers or biotech firms with an integrated platform of services as well as bioinformatics tools that can help speed up the process from promising molecule to life altering drug.

This comprehensive guide explores RootFacts drug discovery and development services. This will look at specific services offered, their use cases, and how they streamline the D&D pipeline within the biotechnology industry.

Drug Discovery and Development Landscape: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Drug discovery and development are multi-step processes generally classified into the following stages:

Target Identification & Validation

In this phase, one seeks to identify potential therapeutic targets like disease-associated proteins or enzymes. These targets are identified using techniques like genomics and proteomics

Hit Identification & Lead Optimization

After identifying a target molecule that can be exploited in drug discovery efforts, scientists screen libraries of chemicals looking for possible compounds (hits). These hits are then modified (leads) to increase their potency, specificity, selectivity and pharmacokinetic properties.

Preclinical Development

To determine if a viable lead is present before going on to human trials, promising leads undergo extensive testing utilizing cell lines in addition to animal models for evaluation of effectiveness/safety. This stage confirms efficacy of a drug candidate with minimal side effects before moving on to clinical studies involving humans beings

Clinical Development

Human volunteers are tested with the drug candidate during clinical trials where its safety efficacy and dosage are assessed. Clinical trials usually occur in phases whereby each successive phase offers more refined data regarding how effective the medication is against diseases

Regulatory Approval & Post Marketing Surveillance

After proving safety/efficacy in clinical trials, a drug undergoes an exhaustive approval process within regulatory agencies. Once approved, post marketing surveillance monitors the long term effects of the drug on wider population.

Drug Discovery and Development Landscape: A Multi-Faceted Approach

RootFacts services comprise a broad range of skills that support researchers or biotech companies at every key stage during D&D pipeline

Target Identification and Validation:

Bioinformatics Tools

We provide access to bioinformatics tools for analyzing large datasets of genomic, proteomic, and other biological data to identify potential drug targets associated with specific diseases.

Target Validation Assays

Our team can aid in creating and implementing assays that confirm the chosen candidate target as well as evaluate its appropriateness for therapy.

Hit Identification and Lead Optimization:

By offering high-throughput screening facilities together with expertise in designing/performing HTS campaigns aimed at identifying potential drug candidates from vast compound libraries, RootFacts can help you make faster decisions regarding which compounds are worth pursuing.

Using computational techniques such as molecular docking as well as virtual screening we are able to determine promising drugs that have optimal binding affinity to the target molecule

Preclinical Development

In Vitro Assays

Our team is skilled in developing and running multiple in vitro assays aimed at evaluating efficacy, potency, selectivity of a drug candidate against cell lines relevant to disease targets

In Vivo Studies

With respect to animal models, RootFacts provides experience in both design and execution of in vivo studies used to measure efficacy/safety/pharmacokinetics properties of drugs.

Clinical Development Support

Clinical Trial Design and Management at ROOTFACTS

we work with researchers, clinical trial sponsors with aim of designing and managing clinical trials in line with regulatory guidelines and ethical considerations

Biomarker Development

We can help you identify and validate biomarkers that can be used as indicators of drug response or the progress of a disease in a clinical trial.

Regulatory Affairs & Approval

Regulatory Consulting

Our team of regulatory experts will assist you to navigate through the complicated FDA’s drug development process

Dossier Preparation & Submission

We help prepare and submit complete dossiers for approval by regulatory authorities, ensuring all relevant data and documentation are included.

The RootFacts Advantage: Speeding up the Discovery Process

By partnering with RootFacts, there are several key advantages that help to speed up your discovery process: