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Research with Biostatistics Software Service

Data Integrity with Our Secure Biostatistics Software Service

The dynamism of the Biotechnology industry requires new developments in bio-statistics software to deal with complex biological data. In response to this, RootFacts has become a leading provider of Bioinformatics Solutions including cutting edge biostatistics software and value added services that transform raw data into meaningful scientific discoveries.

This comprehensive manual provides an overview of RootFacts bio-statistical software services, including its features, applications, and importance for the accomplishment of biotech research projects.

Biostatistics: A Bridge between Biology and Statistics

Biostatistics provides an essential nexus between statistical analysis and biology. It encompasses several methods and tools meant to;

Plan as well as execute experiments

Bio statistical Software helps researchers organize and carry out their studies more efficiently whether they involve randomization techniques control groups or use suitable sample sizes.

Analyze biological data

This relates to statistical analysis involving many types of biological data such as gene expressions profiles from clinical trials or protein interaction networks.

Interpret findings and make inferences

Such a program generates conclusions about statistical results thereby helping scientists to arrive at strong deductions from collected data, thus identifying statistically significant trends or relationships.

The Biostatistics Software Suite from RootFacts: Encouraging Data-Driven Choices

To cover all aspects of business within the biotech field RootFacts has developed a wide range of bio services which comprise;

Software for General Statistics:

R –

The GNU project’s programming language and free software environment with hundreds of packages for statistical computing (data analysis and visualization) unlike other options R allows researchers to easily modify analyses.


it is commercial software that comes with an easy-to-use interface plus an extensive suite of statistical tools used in exploration, hypothesis testing or regression analysis. SAS is usually a must have software for scientists who are bound by Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

specialized software for biostatistics JMP Genomics –

SAS Institute program primarily involved in genomics data analysis. In addition, it provides differential gene expression analysis methods, variant calling and pathway analysis that can help solve puzzles related to genetic material.

Stata –

this commercial program is suitable for complex statistical modelling, including multilevel modelling or survival analysis or longitudinal data analysis and others. Stata is a useful tool when researchers are working on difficult topics in different areas of biostatistics.

RootFacts Biostatistics Software Applications in Biotechnology:

The bio statistical software products by RootFacts are used by the biotech industry for;

It is necessary to use biostatistics software when planning clinical trials evaluating safety/efficacy data and assessing the effectiveness of new drugs.

This helps develop personalized medicine strategies by using clinical and genetic information to generate individualized treatment plans.

This kind of software helps designing trials as well as analyzing their results with respect to accuracy considerations. It is hence a must-have in any significant scientific study

The use of such tools is common among epidemiologists where disease surveillance, outbreak investigations or risk factor analyses can be used for public health decision making

Biostatistics software makes identification as well as validation of biomarkers possible. Biomarkers are quantitative manifestations denoting disease or response to treatment

Beyond Software: A broad range of services from RootFacts

The RootFacts Advantage: Why Choose Us for Your Biostatistics Needs?

There are several key benefits that biotech companies and research universities can expect to accrue from their association with the Company in question.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team comprises seasoned biostatisticians who understand biology nuances, hence availing important insights into your research.

Providing Practical Solutions

Rather than directing you to specific software packages, we will take into consideration your requirements as well as your budget so as to select the most suitable option.

Transparent Methodology

We offer methods of looking at information that is widely accepted in science.