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Reliable Biological Data Management Software

Optimize Research with Biological Data Management Software

Currently, lifeblood of biotechnological research depends on wide ranging biological data. These include DNA sequences or protein structures, gene expression profiles or metabolic pathways which hold the key to groundbreaking discoveries in medicine, agriculture and beyond. Although, managing this ever-growing deluge of information can be a daunting task.

This is where RootFacts comes in. We offer a range of biological data management software solutions that are geared towards empowering biotech companies and research institutions. Our software enables you to efficiently store, organize, analyze and share your valuable biological data; as such it accelerates research progress and opens up new avenues of scientific exploration.

The Challenge of Biological Data Management

Exponential growth in biological data raises several concerns for the biotechnology industry:

Integration & Sharing of Data

For instance, when working together collaboratively across teams and scientific institutions there is need for seamless integration as well as sharing of data.

Analysis & Accessibility

To make sense out the huge datasets powerful analysis tools must be used along with user-friendly interfaces available for researchers.

Volume and Complexity of Data

Traditional data storage and management systems can be overwhelmed by sheer volume and complexity of biological information.

Security & Compliance with Data

In order to secure sensitive biological information from unauthorized people while meeting legal obligations one needs to take certain steps.

RootFacts Biological Data Management Software Solutions: Streamlining Your Workflow

Thus the challenges were addressed by our revolutionary software thus providing a robust platform adaptable to manage your biological data:

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs):

Bench ling

This cloud-based ELN facilitates electronic recording of experimental procedures, data and results thereby streamlining laboratory workflows ensuring data integrity as well as traceability thus fostering collaboration including regulatory compliance from

Ever note for Science

A popular note-taking application that offers a user-friendly platform scientists use to capture scientific data, images and protocols. RootFacts provides integration services that link Ever note for Science with other data management systems.

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS):

Lab Vantage

A comprehensive LIMS solution that aids in the management of samples, experiments, workflows and data throughout the life-cycle of research. It ensures data integrity as well as traceability in order to promote efficient functioning of a laboratory

Open Clinic

This is an open-source based LIMS specifically designed for clinical research studies. It provides tools enabling proper management of patient information together with their bio specimens or study-related information making it compliant according to regulations

Bioinformatics Data Management Platforms:

Galaxy Data Library

An open source platform that allows a centralized repository for storage, sharing and access of biological data. Public datasets are available at Galaxy’s library thereby allowing researchers to team up together while analyzing their own materials


A powerful platform that works seamlessly with NGS analysis tools to provide complete genomic data management functions. With Genius, researchers can organize and visualise large scale sequencing datasets.

Benefits of Using RootFacts Biological Data Management Software:

Using RootFacts software solutions for managing biological data by biotech companies and research institutions comes with numerous advantages including:

Better Data Organization & Accessibility

Efficiently organize and classify your biological records hence make them easily accessible by any researcher who may need them

More Collaboration & Sharing of Data

In addition, ease sharing of information between different scientific teams as well as institutions facilitates joint research initiatives.

Streamlined Workflow & Increased Productivity

Automation of process such as capture and analysis of results leaves scientists with free time necessary for high-level inquiry

Improved Security & Compliance

Protecting your precious biological materials necessitates employment access control policies alongside compliance-based applications

Data-Driven Decision Making

Gain valuable insights from your data through powerful analytics tools, informing strategic research decisions.

Beyond Software: RootFacts Tailored Services

We understand that every research organization has unique data management needs.  RootFacts goes beyond simply offering software solutions; we provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your success:

Software Customization and Integration

We can customize our software solutions to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and workflows.

Data Migration and Archiving

Our team can assist you in migrating your existing biological data to a new platform and implementing efficient archiving strategies.

Training and Support:

We offer comprehensive training programs to ensure your researchers can leverage the full potential of our software solutions. Our dedicated support team is always available to address your queries and troubleshoot any issues.

Partnering with RootFacts for Efficient Biological Data Management

In the dynamic world of biotechnology, where data is the driving force behind innovation, efficient data management is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.  RootFacts biological data management software solutions empower you to streamline your workflows, unlock the potential of your data, and accelerate scientific progress.