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Automated NGS Data Processing Pipeline Solutions

Automated NGS Data Processing Pipelines

Understanding the Genome: Automated NGS Data Processing Pipelines

The entire biotech industry has been revolutionized by the advent of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. It provides an enormous amount of information about genes, genomes, epigenomes etc. However, making this data accessible is only the first step towards interpretation of this complicated information. As such, this necessitates specialized skills and computational resources given that processing and analysis of NGS data is not straightforward. Thus, RootFacts as a remarkable supplier of biomanufacturing software solutions enables scientists to profit from the sophisticated automated NGS data processing pipelines.

We have expertise and technology designed to make your workflow more efficient and help you convert sequences into meaningful biological results supporting important R&D projects in biotechnology

It is difficult to manually process NGS data

Handling NGS data in traditional analysis involves several complex steps e.g.,

Merits Associated with Automated Workflows for NGS Data Processing

Specifically, these are areas where RootFacts automated pipelines for NGS data processing come in handy;

Ours are pre-configured pipelines that automate everything from variant calling through quality control without involving researchers.

The same study of many datasets is enabled by automated pipelines such that results can be reproduced and proved.

This method allows for the least possible mistakes when repetitive tasks involved manual processing.

The complexity of research projects on large NGS datasets becomes easy and highly efficient with RootFacts pipelines.

Our pipelines are built to facilitate further research into functional implications of genetic variations.

Benefits of Individualized Use of Automated NGS Data Processing Pipelines

Some advantages among others that biotech firms will get after implementing RootFacts automated NGS data processing pipelines include the following;

Improved Efficiency

Automation in NGS data analysis reduces time and cost which enables researchers to focus on interpretation and scientific discoveries.

Higher Data Quality

Standardized analysis pipelines consistently process data, reducing errors, hence improving the quality of outcomes.

Increased Reproducibility

Reproducibility is enhanced when all datasets pass through automated processes allowing for validation of study findings.

Democratization of NGS Analysis

Even researchers with minimal experience in bioinformatics can now analyze NGS data using automated pipelines thereby making it available to a wider audience.

Accelerated Rate of Scientific Discovery

Swifter R&D through faster data handling hastens biomedical advances in biotechnology industry.

Examples from BioTech Companies Using Automated NGS Data Processing Pipelines

Variant calling in the study of cancer

This makes it easier to find somatic mutations in cancer genomes, which in turn allows creation of targeted cancer treatments.

Transcriptase Analysis for therapeutic Discovery

RootFacts tools aid in the analysis of RNA-see data that guides selection and development of therapeutic targets by identifying genes differently expressed during drug therapy.

The Potential of NGS Data can be Unleashed

But it is the insights from this technology that have transformed BioTech Studies.NGS has revolutionized BioTech studies, but its real value is in the insights gained. RootFacts automated NGS data processing pipelines make researchers fully exploit NGS thereby accelerating research and fostering innovation within biotech industry.