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Automated High-Throughput Screening (HTS)

Automated High-Throughput Screening (HTS)

Automated High-Throughput Screening (HTS) Services for BioTech Industry

The biopharmaceutical industry thrives on innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery. At the forefront of this endeavour lies high-throughput screening (HTS), a powerful technique that allows researchers to rapidly test millions of compounds against a specific biological target. RootFacts is a leader in providing bio manufacturing software solutions and enabling the full power of HTS with our comprehensive suite of automated HTS services

The Power of High-Throughput Screening

Shortly after its introduction, HTS has revolutionized drug discovery and development by facilitating fast identification of potential drug candidates. It involves large scale testing of chemical compounds or biological agents from libraries against particular biological targets such as proteins or enzymes. This allows:

Identification Of Lead Compounds

HTS helps in identifying lead compounds that may alter the function activity of a known target and hence could be useful in treating diseases.

Accelerated Drug Discovery

In terms of speed, traditional methods pale in comparison to HTS, which can screen through numerous compounds within a short time frame.

Exploring Different Chemical Space

By making it possible to look at broader range of possibilities for drugs’ origin, HTS raises chances to discover new therapeutics effective for the treatment.

Lowered Development Costs

Decreased lead identification time spans into reduced timelines for drug development expenses associated with drug discovery activities

Challenges Posed by Manual HTS

But notwithstanding its advantages manual traditional HTS workflows do have certain challenges:

RootFacts Automated HTS Services: A Game Changer

RootFacts automated HTS services overcome these constraints associated with manual workflow thus allowing Bio Pharma organizations to fully exploit this powerful technology. Some of them include

High-Throughput Assay Development

Compounds are also tested on biological activity (how they prevent growth). This means that researchers collaborate with RootFacts seasoned scientists who assist them in building and optimizing HTS assays so that they are considered valid, sensitive and suitable for automation.

Integrated Software Solutions

This tool allows real time data visualization, analysis and workflow management through its platforms integrated seamlessly into our automated HTS systems for improved productivity tools

Automated Liquid Handling

This system of ours is a robotic platform that automates liquid handling such as compound preparation, plate filling and sample dispensing in order to eliminate any mistakes in the assays done or other procedures.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Our automated systems gather and analyze data from experiments generated through HTS by producing detailed reports to screen through candidates that qualify for further analysis

Customizable HTS Services

We realize all drug discovery programs have different requirements. In line with this understanding we provide you with customizable HTS services meant for particular research objectives together with assay types.

Benefits of Using RootFacts Automated HTS Services

The employment of RootFacts automated HTS services by BioTech firms offers several advantages including:

➲ Increased Efficiency: Reduced turnaround times save both time and money with respect to conducting a high throughput screening experiment thereby helping in identifying leads faster and expediting discovery timelines.

➲ Enhanced Data Quality: Consequently there is less human error that can lead to low quality data, which in turn is usually unreliable and may lead to poor decisions.

➲ Improved Scalability:  RootFacts automated HTS services can scale easily to manage large compound libraries and facilitate exploration of wider chemical space.

➲ Reduced Costs: When automation is used, the cost of HTS experimentation is minimal as it reduces manual work errors and labour costs.

➲ Streamlined Workflows: All our software solutions integrate with other parts of the HTS process from assay development through to data analysis thereby improving overall efficiency.

Examples of RootFacts Automated HTS Services in Action

Some practical examples on how RootFacts automated HTS services are useful to biopharmaceutical companies are:

Unlocking the Potential of Drug Discovery

Automated HTS is one such method employed in modern drug discovery where researchers can quickly find potential drugs. It is therefore not surprising that ROOTFACTS offers state-of-the-art technology platforms for automating High Throughput Screening (HTS) along with related services.