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Revolutionizing Livestock Management: Boost Productivity and Welfare with Software Solutions from RootFacts

The livestock industry is facing many challenges, such as maintaining animal health and welfare, optimizing production efficiency, and adapting to a complex regulatory environment. This is where RootFacts comes in. It offers the Livestock Management Software (LMS), which serves as an all-in-one solution for dairy farmers to streamline their operations, gain valuable insights and succeed in a competitive marketplace.


Livestock Management Software Explained

Livestock Management Software (LMS) is designed to be the digital hub of herd management by integrating data collection, record-keeping, and analysis into one central platform for managing all aspects of livestock management. The LMS system offered by RootFacts can easily integrate other technologies like;

  •  Animal Identification Tags: This allows for electronic tracking of individual livestock that ensures proper record keeping and focused interventions.

  •  Sensor technology: Monitor vital signs, weight gain, and activity levels to proactively manage animal health.

  •  Feeding systems: This feature helps optimize feed rations based on individual animal requirements by integrating with automatic feeding systems.

  • Milking equipment: Manage milking information, monitor milk yield, and identify potential diseases in dairy cows.

Holistic Livestock Management with LITAM’s LMS Services

However, it doesn’t stop there as they have gone further than just creating a data repository but have also developed several functions designed to optimize livestock production & productivity:

Animal Data Management: Create detailed records for each livestock including breed, pedigree, vaccination history, growth rate & medical treatments. Track individual performance of specific live stocks & generate reports showing trends.

Herd health management: Monitor vital signs continuously so you can notice early warning symptoms when risks are present & reduce outbreak likelihood by early intervention when potential risks are present.

 Reproductive Management: Efficiently plan breeding cycles & predict calving/calf dates more accurately. This results in effective herd expansion & genetic improvement.

Feeding Management: Develop and manage customized feed rations based on animal age, breed, and stage of production. Minimize waste and improve feed efficiency by using automated feeding systems to deliver feed accurately.

Inventory Management: Track the movement of livestock, manage inventory, and generate regulatory-compliance reports. Simplifies record keeping providing traceability at the production stage.

 Financial Management: Track livestock-related costs such as feed costs, veterinary services, and medications. Produce reports that help understand financial performance and facilitate informed investment decisions.

Performance Analysis: Generate reports from key performant indicators (KPIs) such as growth rate, milk yield, FCR & overall herd health. Identifying areas for improvement becomes easier with data-driven strategies to improving productivity.

Benefits of Using LITAM Livestock Management Software

There are many benefits for livestock producers adopting the ROOTFACTS LMS solution

Improved animal health and welfare
Proactive monitoring of health status allows for early detection of problems resulting in significantly reduced mortality and healthier livestock.

Increased productivity

Thus feeding methods, breeding strategies & overall livestock management optimized by insights from data can improve milk, meat & egg yields.

Increased efficiency

Streamlined record keeping systems by automating tasks and real-time access to information facilitates decision-making improving operational efficiency.

Cost reduction

Substantial savings can be made by improving feed efficiency, reducing chemical use and optimizing herd health.


Proper record keeping and traceability through the production cycle ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Data-driven decision making

Information on animal performance helps make informed decisions on breeding, feeding and overall herd management plans.

Why choose RootFacts Livestock Management Software?

There are several reasons why RootFacts LMS outperforms the competition:

Our LMS product is scalable to fit your needs and herd size. From small family operations to large scale operations.

We offer an intuitive dashboard which can be easily implemented even for dairymen who do not hold technical skills.

You can access LMS data with mobile applications to remotely control livestock as well.

This is our top priority. All livestock details are encrypted in cloud storage while robust access controls ensure there are no unauthorized breaches.

Our LMS seamlessly integrates with existing farm management software systems, animal identification tags, sensor technology, feeding systems. Making it easy to streamline your workflow across all platforms

We offer comprehensive customer support including training programs, technical guidance and a dedicated account manager.