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Focused precision and fastness: Rootfacts Company’s automated filling and sealing

Accuracy, Hygiene and Speed are the watchwords of food and packaging industry. Filling and sealing containers with food products is a critical process that should be done accurately on time. This traditional manual filling and sealing method may not be able to cope with the high volume production also it is labour intensive or prone to errors.

Rootfacts Company has an answer to this problem as it provides unique automated filling and sealing systems. These are smart fillers utilizing cutting end technologies which automate the entire operation of filling as well as sealing in order to guarantee consistent product quality, enhanced sanitation, improved hygiene standard, increased productivity for enterprises in the sector.

What is Automated Filling and Sealing?

Various components integrated into automated filling & packaging systems help them achieve accurate packaging:


These machines can employ different technologies (volume-based or weight-based) to dispense liquid, powdery or paste-like products into containers so that they have desired properties.


They use heat or pressure among other methods to make air tightness in filled containers thus maintaining freshness of produce while avoiding contamination.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyors facilitate smooth flow of products through the filling and sealing process line.

Control Systems

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) are used to control the whole process so that perfect filling/ sealing parameters are obtained.

What Are The Benefits Of Rootfacts Automated Filling And Sealing Systems?

Food processing companies appreciate various advantages offered by computer-controlled containers’ fillers:

Where Can Rootfacts Automated Filling And Sealing Systems Be Applied?

The automated bottling machines at Rootfacts Company have been built with different applications in mind:

Machines that automatically fill bottles with juices, soft drinks water and other beverages like wine or energy drinks.

Sauce packaging includes the types of jams, dairy products and pre-packaged dishes.

They may contain capsules, powders or syrups used in pharmaceuticals manufacturing depending on their precise composition.

Creams, lotions and other cosmetics can be packaged using this filler mechanism only that it should be hygienic enough as these items are intended for use on delicate skin tissues.

These involve packing liquid chemicals like cleaning agents plus powdered detergent brands.

What Are The Key Features Of Rootfacts Automated Filling And Sealing Systems?

The range of features offered by them is much wider than mere sealers or fillers:

Such As Volumetric, Gravimetric Or Augur Filling- Depending On The Physical Characteristics Of Products

use advanced sensors to detect & reject leaking containers to ensure product safety and integrity

The filling level is very accurately controlled so as to reduce wastages in products, and ensure uniform sizes of portions.

Rootfacts Automatic Filling and Sealing Systems Implementation

Rootfacts has various ways in which it implements its automatic filling and sealing systems:

What are the customers’ market demands and how can they be met?

System design for optimal performance includes choosing a reliable technique for material’ been poured into the containers, closing method, as well as system layout.

The testing stage is essential in verifying if a particular machine works properly or not.

It consists of educating operators on how to use automated systems.

It involves having ongoing support that would help to make sure that implementation becomes successful and optimization continues after installation.