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Rootfacts Company's Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Software for the Plastics Industry

Innovation in plastics industry has a lot of power and it influences numerous aspects of our contemporary life. Packaging, medical devices, automotive components or construction materials are examples of categories where valuable products made from plastic can be found. However, succeeding in this area is pegged on operational excellence which involves streamlining production processes, reducing waste and ensuring quality consistency. To do this, there must be a revolution in manufacturing execution systems software.


The transformative value of MES software is recognized by Rootfacts Company which is a leading provider of services to the plastic industry. We have an all-inclusive suite of MES solutions that cater specifically for unique requirements in plastics manufacturing. With this guide we will show how Rootfacts MES can empower businesses to gain real-time production visibility, streamline workflows and achieve superior operational performance.

Understanding the Power of MES in Plastics Manufacturing

Traditional production management often relies on manual data collection, paper-based work orders, and siloed communication channels. This fragmented approach leads to inefficiencies, production delays, and difficulty in identifying bottlenecks among other challenges. Acting as central nervous system for shop floor operations; most important functionalities of manufacturing execution systems bridge these gaps by integrating different elements into one whole.

Here’s how MES software empowers plastic manufacturers:

Real-Time Production Monitoring
Such an application allows the managers to monitor staff performance during the working day as well as see how many items have been produced so far today.

Improved Production Scheduling

The program helps optimize production scheduling by considering such factors as machine availability and material lead times among others to make sure that resources are used efficiently.

Enhanced Shop Floor Control

An integrated shop floor control system optimizes operations between production workers, machine operators, quality control people and maintenance teams so that they can press on with their work.

Paperless Production

Now manufacturers are moving towards paperless production. This means gathering data without using physical documents. This reduces errors because data is effectively collected. As a result, there is a reliable connection in the production process.

Quality Control Integration

The MES software can seamlessly integrate with other quality control equipment to monitor inspection points, capture all real-time date and track compliance to the stipulated quality standards. This way even the slightest lapse in the quality of products will be addressed immediately as and when it occurs.

Data Analytics and Reporting

MES software provides useful insights through powerful data analytics and reporting tools. Such tools can be used to identify patterns occurring in manufacturing processes as well as measure performance so that managers take more informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Rootfacts Tailored MES Solution for the Plastics Industry

Generic MES software delivers several benefits; but Rootfacts Company takes it further than this line of thought. The MES solution from our company has been designed specifically for plastic manufacturing complexities which are unique to this industry:

Machine Integration

We have made sure that our MES system integrates easily with different types of plastics processing machines such as injection molding, extruders or blow molding ones in order to collect real-time machine data and monitor cycle time among other metrics related to performance.

Process Control for Plastics

For example, Rootfacts MES system has incorporated process features specific to plastics such as mould setup tracking system; recipe management among others; therefore guaranteeing uniformity of conditions during each production run while at the same time reducing process variability that may occur within these conditions.

Inventory Management

Our software optimizes inventory management by tracking raw materials, ins-process inventory and finished goods. Consequently, unnecessary wastage is reduced so is storage cost while materials are made available on time whenever there is a need for this.

Rootfacts MES software can be used to deeply analyze the production performance. This can help in identifying constraints, studying machine downs and improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Quality Management Integration
Our MES interacts seamlessly with quality management systems. This allows for reviewing non-conformance reports and correcting actions immediately they occur. It also helps maintain good control over product quality.

Traceability and Genealogy

The MES package of Rootfacts is capable of providing a comprehensive part traceability and genealogy. Through this, it is possible to track the entire life cycle of a given component starting from raw materials to finished goods; hence ensuring compliance with rules as well as enabling recall of defective products if need be.

The Advantage of Using Rootfacts: Features and Benefits

Rootfacts MES software for plastics manufacturing provides a wide range of functional characteristics for all sections of your production floor:

Modular Design

We have developed our modular MES so that you can select only those functions that you really need in terms of your specific requirements of today or tomorrow considering your particular budget limits. This guarantees successful scalability over time.

User-Friendly Interface

We know how much employees dislike changes. As such, we have made sure our application has an intuitive interface with straightforward menus and options which require minimal training time for operators in their first day at work.