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Plastic Technology and the World Ahead: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Tools for Rootfacts Company’s Plastics Industry (4990 Words)

Modern manufacturing is deeply rooted in the plastics industry, shaping numerous products we use daily. The ability to design and manufacture high-quality plastic components is crucial, ranging from complex medical devices to strong automotive parts and innovative consumer goods. Therefore, CAD software remains as a dynamic landscape that revolutionizes the entire design process and promotes innovation.


Rootfacts Company offers specialized services in plastics; CAD is an application that is well-known by the company. We have a range of CAD software specifically developed for plastic manufacturers. This detailed guide presents how Rootfacts CAD software helps businesses make better creations on plastic, making development easier and gaining competitive advantage.

Introduction of CAD into Plastic Design

Traditional methods often employed manual drafting techniques for creation of plastic products which was tedious and prone to errors. With CAD software coming into place, digital environment has been introduced where 3D models are created and manipulated. Here’s what makes CAD software empowering in plastic product development:

Rootfacts Specialized CAD Software for Plastics

However, Rootfacts Company adds something more than generic CAD software. Our CAD solutions are specifically made for the unique demands of plastics industry:

The Rootfacts Advantage: Features and Benefits

Rootfacts CAD software for the plastics industry provides a complete range of functionalities in order to facilitate your design teams:

User-Friendly Interface

We realized that it should be easy to use. Our software has an intuitive interface with simple menus and commands helping designers learn it quickly.

Parametric Modeling

Design flexible and adaptable shapes by using parametric modeling capabilities which allow you to modify design parameters easily, considering different designs at a glance.

Collaboration Tools

Make collaboration an effortless process via built-in tools for sharing models, annotating on designs, and monitoring design changes. In this way all people involved in designing will always be on the same page.

Advanced Surface Modeling

Develop complicated organic forms which are good looking rather than simply functional using advanced surface modeling tools of our software.

Data Exchange Capabilities

Share design data with other applications or external partners effortlessly through these standard file formats such as STEP or IGES.

Customization Options

There are several customization options we have made available to allow you adjust workflow processes around how we have designed it.