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Approach towards Financial Innovation and Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The financial environment is about to change. DeFi is now disrupting the banking industry while competing with already established banks in order to bring P2P service.In addition, it is contemplating its involvement in DeFi and what this means for future finance, as well as examining all the constituent parts identifying any possible pros or cons, and looking at how it can support FIs during this transition period.

A New Dawn for Financial Services through Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi is a financial ecosystem running on blockchain technology that doesn’t require any intermediaries like banks among other financial institutions. This involves executing smart contracts which are kept on a blockchain network.

DeFi’s main features include;


there is no single entity owning the system hence promoting openness and transparency.


Anybody with an internet connection can participate in any of the protocols provided by DeFi thus allowing greater access to finance.


It is done using Blockchain thus reducing fraud risks through safe transactions.


In turn, this means that underlying code for smart contracts found on such systems are made accessible to public hence enhancing transparency and fostering community interaction.

Potential Benefits for Traditional Finance from DeFi

This field has various advantages associated with it; such as:

When you put business tasks on automation mode via smart contracts, operational costs can be lowered and workflows streamlined.

Institutionally-unbanked communities like those in underserved regions can be served with banking services by overcoming institutional or geographical barriers.

A trust-worthy blockchain-based ledger system has to record every transaction forever without changing anything.Opportunities for Innovations; Open source DeFi protocols have potential use cases where new financial services/products may evolve from.Lower OPEXs; With no middlemen nor their associated costs, this could lead to lower cost financial services.

Problems and Ponder Points on DeFi

However, some challenges are associated with these options;

Regulatory Uncertainty

The fact that decentralized finance rules and regulations are still at their nascent stage may leave users and businesses in difficulties.

Security Risks

Hack-proof protocols implementation is not easy due to the vulnerability of smart contracts in protocols as this can cause a loss of money.


The usability of such programs should not be compromised by an abundant number of transactions.

User Complexity

A possible barrier for mass adoption involves problems interfacing with DeFi devices.

Rootfacts Way Into Future Finance Through DeFi

A cascade of questions comes to mind: how much can it use this services, what are the things Rootfacts is presently investigating and evaluating about DeFi? In this regard we work and engage with FIs as to their needs and concern. Below are some of the services we offer to FIs in order to navigate through Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

DeFi Education and Consulting: Understanding all applications of the ecosystem, including inherent risks.

Regulatory Compliance Guidance

As requirements for change, FI clients have a need in terms of how they can go about such changes with respect to relevant laws.Rootfacts is currently exploring ways to integrate traditional financings like hybrid finance solutions that merge aspects of established banks with those of Defis.

DeFi Security Audits and Risk Management

Evaluating various levels at which security has been upheld while suggesting approaches toward reducing risks associated with particular components of different types or categories e.g. smart contracts.

Integration with Current Systems

Help financial institutions connect their current financial infrastructures into DeFi protocols so as for efficient operations.

Future Finance Innovations and Collaborations.

This would increase innovation, accessibility, and openness according to DeFi’s vision as the foundation for future finance. Nevertheless, collaboration between FIs, technology providers, and regulators is needed to overcome present challenges and ensure appropriate expansions.

How Can Rootfacts Assist You With Future Planning?

Our company aims at becoming your trusted companion during your journey through different new opportunities brought by DeFi. Call us now to discuss your specific needs concerning this incredible new monetary adventure.