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Deploying RootFacts Business Process Management (BPM) Services

In today’s financial world, being operationally effective is a must. For this reason, financial institutions have to deal with complicated processes, data held in silos and manual workflows that hinder their productivity as well as growth. As such, Business process management (BPM) appears to be the answer as it helps these institutions streamline their operations to improve efficiency and achieve strategic goals.

RootFacts is a leading provider of financial technology solutions that provides an integrated set of BPM services tailored for the finance sector. This detailed manual discusses about BPM in detail and how RootFacts can help your organization on:

Full business process visibility

Understanding Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM represents an all-round method used to manage and optimize business procedures within organizations. It employs a systematic approach where:

Processes are identified through mapping and documentation of every step involved in key business activities such as loan processing, claims management or investment portfolio monitoring.

Processes evaluated by assessing efficacy, efficiency & cost-effectiveness on various steps encouraging improvement.

Designing, modelling processes: Involves development of optimized workflows which streamline tasks; eliminate bottlenecks; enhance overall process flow.

Putting the optimized work flow into action through using BPM software and automation tools.

Monitor performance: This will involve tracking performance constantly so as to identify areas for further refinement hence continuous improvement.

Challenges faced by the Finance Industry: The necessity of BPM

Several challenges exist within the finance industry that can be solved by adopting BPM:

This makes it difficult for financial institutions to have data scattered across different systems because there will be no way they could understand what has been happening in terms of decision making that is data driven.
These lead to delays, inaccuracy, and reduced productivity by using manual tasks as well as paper based procedures.
Poor process visibility makes it hard to identify inefficiencies and hence improve on performance.
There are numerous regulations that financial institutions must comply with. This requires well-documented and defined processes

The Power of BPM: How RootFacts Solutions Empower Financial Institutions?

By offering a holistic approach to optimizing financial operations, RootFacts BPM Services are highly effective. Examples of the key functions offered by RootFacts include:

Process Mapping and Analysis

Full business process visibility through comprehensive process mapping and analysis tools.

Process Optimization

Identification and elimination inefficiencies, optimized workflow design and maximum task streamlining for efficiency purposes alone.

BPM Software & Automation

A robust BPM platform for task automation, work flow management and performance monitoring

Integration with Existing Systems

Seamless integration of BPM solutions into existing infrastructure/IT systems used in finances ensures smooth flow of information as well as automates procedures involved.

Collaboration Tools

Built-in collaboration tools within the BPM platform foster group work across teams.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Operations through which compliance requirements can be embedded into process workflows (by either having them documented or standardized) leading to automated reporting activities hence minimizing risks associated with compliance with set rules.

Performance Reporting & Analytics

This gives one valuable insights about its own performance via extensive reports combined with analytic dashboards concerning progress status from operational viewpoint properly managed for such knowledge acquisition tool.

Benefits of Utilizing RootFacts BPM Services in Finance

Financial institutions stand to gain various benefits from adopting RootFacts BPM services. Here are some advantages;

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Processes streamlined, bottlenecks eliminated, overall operational efficiencies improved significantly.

Reduced Costs

Faster processing time ; reduced rework; decreased man-hour costs for paper-based processes, thus lower costs.

Improved Decision-Making

Process performance data that is available in a computed form gives a basis for informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Reduced compliance risks through documenting and standardizing processes while ensuring adherence to regulations.

Increased Productivity

Attaining higher levels of productivity needs the empowerment of workers by automation of simple tasks.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Faster processing and fewer mistakes mean a more efficient customer experience.

RootFacts is Scalable solution for Varied Financial Needs

Banking Institutions

Enhance loan origination, account management, customer on boarding, risk measurement and reporting.

Insurance Companies

Narrow down claims processing, policy administration, detection of frauds in insurance underwriting and customer service.

Wealth Management Firms

This will help firms’ customers optimize their investments through better risk management processes. A company that manages wealth should perform continuous monitoring of investment portfolios to remain compliant with those regulations that govern it. It also conducts regular reviews through client reporting. Consequently, such firms have to be extremely careful about not only following the law but also making sure that they provide investors with relevant information on what is happening within their funds at any particular time. Finally, the firm should ensure that all its research efforts are carried out according to set regulations since some can otherwise mean harm to investors or artificial manipulation of market shares.

Payment Services Providers

Make payments fast as well as easy, simplifying the process of getting started and preventing potential risks.