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RootFacts Learning Management System Implementation Services Will Enable Your Educational Institution

Educational institutions are always in search of ways to increase student participation, improve learning outcomes, and reduce back office complexities. A Learning Management System (LMS) could be used as a tool to achieve these objectives and transform the delivery of education. RootFacts is a leading provider of LMS implementation services that enable educational institutions to fully utilize the potential of an LMS.

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A learning management system (LMS) is software designed to develop, deliver, and track e-learning sessions/programs. Educators have access to this platform which is also the point of distribution for coursework, assessments and other interactive features while managing administrative tasks.

Why Choose RootFacts for Your LMS Implementation?

RootFacts understands how education works differently from other businesses. Our comprehensive LMS implementation services facilitate an easy transition towards implementing an effective LMS that will:

RootFacts experts in LMS help you create dynamic interactions with learners who learn differently from one another.

Our team collaborates closely with you in aligning your curriculum and objectives with your chosen LMS resulting into proven academic advancements among students.

Course registration, enrollment management and grade tracking are just some of administrative tasks streamlined by Ritam’s LMS implementation freeing up educators time.

We train our instructors on making courses as well as delivering them through effective use of the central hub provided by the modern age technology known as an existing learning management system (LMS).

Online discussion forums, group projects or real-time communication tools are some examples through which our LMs can encourage students sharing ideas between themselves or with their lecturers.

By providing robust reporting and analytics within out implemented LM systems we provide information regarding student’s learning progress enabling you to make decisions and improve curriculum.

Ritam’s LMS solutions are designed to scale with your institution’s needs, accommodating a growing student body and evolving course offerings.

RootFacts full LMS implementation process

RootFacts LMS implementation has been designed to ensure a collaborative effort, efficiency and customization according to the specific requirements of your institution. Here is a sneak peek of our approach:

Needs Assessment & Planning

Our team works closely with your stakeholders in order not only to understand the learning objectives but also evaluate the technological infrastructure as well as financial constraints. It is on this basis that we will unveil a tailored plan geared towards actualizing your dreams.

LMS Selection & Procurement

Knowing what suits best for you out of many available options during selection process can be challenging if you lack relevant experience in the field. We will step by step guide you through this process until we find an ideal product for purchasing.

System Configuration & Integration

They also configure it so that it can function together with already existing systems such as other software applications used by the institutions e.g Learning Content Repositories (LCRs) or Student Information Systems (SISs).

Content Migration & Development

The existing course content should be migrated into an LMS while considering issues such as pedagogical principles guiding e-learning or standards adopted globally in e-learning courses.

Faculty Training & Support

Our training encompasses how faculty are able to use this new technology to create courses, teach them online and communicate about them. We continue supporting instructors even after completion of training until they become confident in using all features provided by an LMS.

RootFacts provides student orientation sessions to familiarize them with the LMS interface and functionalities. We also give ongoing support for any queries from the students that may arise to avoid interfering with a smooth learning process.

Deployment & Launch

By ensuring thorough testing and continuous technical support, we are able to have a smooth lunge of the LMS platform.

Post-Implementation Support

We guarantee our commitment beyond the implementation stage. In order to maintain your evolving needs, we offer you ongoing support in all areas of system maintenance, updates as well as access to our specialist team for help.

Benefits of Partnering with RootFacts for LMS Implementation

With RootFacts  as your partner in LMS implementation, you get an opportunity to benefit from experienced professionals who have been successful in running education sector organizations. The following are some key benefits:

Expertise & Experience

Our team has extensive experience in implementing LMS solutions for educational institutions of all sizes across different disciplines.

Customized Approach

In education one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work here. Thus, RootFacts  customizes its execution services to meet your specific requirements and priorities.

Seamless Integration

To ensure minimal interruptions and optimum efficiency, our team guarantees smooth integration between existing systems and the Learning Management System (LMS).

Ongoing Support

Through implementation and until constant improvements & maintenance, we provide full support throughout the lifecycle of an LMS.