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Latest Cloud-Based Project Management Platforms | Rootfacts

Building Smarter: Rootfacts Cloud-Based Project Management Platforms

The civil engineering industry is all about collaboration, planning and execution. In this fast-paced world, project managers are moving away from traditional paper-based systems. They are adopting cloud based project management platforms (PMPs) which allow them to access real time data wherever they are. These systems also enhance collaboration and workflow efficiency. At Rootfacts , a key player in the construction industry cloud based PMPs form part of their service offering; enabling teams to work smarter and faster.

This guide will take you through various cloud based PMPs designed specifically for the construction sector by Rootfacts. We shall look at what these platforms can do for you in terms of benefits, features unique to them as well as how they can transform management of your civil engineering projects forever!

Why Use Cloud Based PMPs for Civil Engineering?

Traditional methods of managing projects that rely on physical documents and isolated communication channels have proved difficult to sustain in today’s dynamic civil engineering environment.

Documents can be lost making it hard for other members of staff to get hold of necessary information when needed most.

Communication becomes cumbersome when teams working on different documents or locations have to keep talking back and forth.

Different versions of same document lead to confusion which may result into costly mistakes being made during construction process.

Physical documents are easily damaged thus putting project data at risk should there be any loss.

Cloud based PMP provides powerful answers by streamlining such aspects within wider context of project management itself:

All files related to one project including communication lines like emails or instant messaging systems are stored centrally online where they can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection thereby making it easier even if someone has left the site permanently due some reason or another

Teams working on same document concurrently can make changes and share them instantly which creates more collaborative environment unlike before where staff were required to wait for one another’s feedback thus delaying progress

Tracking revisions automatically ensures that everyone has got latest version at all times especially when there are several people editing same document over period of time

Robust security measures such as encryption of data while it is being transmitted over network or stored on servers prevent unauthorized access by hackers who may want to steal sensitive information like design plans etc.

Integrated communication tools allow members within project team communicate easily with each other even if they are located far apart geographically compared to before when these individuals would have had rely heavily on phone calls or physical meetings which might not always be possible due some reasons beyond human control


Dashboards showing real progress reports enable managers see what each team member working at any given point so that corrective action can taken immediately where necessary

Ability access project information collaborate colleagues anytime anywhere using any device improves efficiency since people do not have carry around bulky files but only need internet enabled gadget like smartphone, laptop etc.

Rootfacts Cloud Based PMP Solutions for Civil Engineering

Mobile Accessibility

The platform can be reached through mobile apps. These allow members of the team to access information, follow up on progress and collaborate while still in motion mainly when they are working away from the office.

Training and Support

Rootfacts offers training and support services to ensure that your team is well equipped with skills which will enable them exploit all aspects of cloud based PMPs.

The Advantages of Cloud-based PMPs Partnership with Rootfacts

Opting for Rootfacts as your partner in cloud-based project management systems comes with several benefits especially for civil engineering industry players. Such include:

Improved Project Efficiency

Simplified steps, instant collaborations plus heightened communication quicken achievement of projects.

Cost Reduction

Good resource planning; proper tracking of expenses as well as identification and handling risks cuts down costs by a significant margin.

More Effective Team Collaboration

This system creates an atmosphere where people work together hence ensuring that everyone has same knowledge base while striving towards common objectives.

Better Project Visibility

Immediate feedback data reporting enables better decision making thereby responding proactively towards potential challenges that may arise during implementation phases.

Communication With Clients Will Be Bettered; Enhanced relations between companies undertaking projects within this field are realized through improved channels for sharing information plus real-time updates on various schemes being undertaken by different firms.