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AMC Revolutionizes Construction Equipment Operations

RootFacts Expertise in Automated Machine Control for Construction Machinery

Building has always been the most innovative field on earth. These machines, ranging from giant earth-movers to tall cranes, have completely revolutionized the way we build our world. But now an even bigger wave is sweeping through the industry: automated machine control, or “AMC.” The use of AMC at RootFacts, which is a well-known provider of civil engineering services; is improving accuracy, efficiency and safety in projects.

This book is about AMC for construction equipment – what it does; why it matters; and how partnering with RootFacts can make your next civil engineering project more successful.

Automated Machine Control (AMC): Creating Things With Precision

AMC uses automation controls, onboard computers and GPS/GNSS satellite positioning systems to operate construction equipment with unprecedented accuracy. This is what happens:

Machine positioning

High-accuracy GPS or GNSS receivers determine real-time location and orientation of the machine.

Digital Design Integration

Each piece of construction equipment has an inbuilt computer that receives project digital design plans.

Automated Guidance

The onboard computer checks where the machine actually is in relation to its position with where it should be according to those same digital blueprints before sending automatic commands back down through various elements like arms, blades, buckets etc.

Real-Time Adjustments

While each machine is working, its behavior must be closely watched all the time; this ensures that it behaves exactly as intended by the designs.

Uses of AMC in Construction Machinery

AMC technology can be added onto different types of construction equipment to change dramatically how activities are done:


By monitoring the real-time position and orientation of the digging arm as it cuts into trenches, foundations or slopes etc., they are able to make very accurate cuts thereby minimizing material waste and rework.


With automatic grading and levelling systems, these machines can do precise site preparation, foundation construction and other activities.


Asphalt paving is automated using this method which ensures uniform thickness throughout all paved areas and a consistently perfect finish!

Advantages of Using AMC in Civil Engineering Projects

When you incorporate AMC technology into your next civil engineering project there are several benefits. Here are just a few:

Improved Accuracy

Automated machine control can ensure that construction follows design specifications exactly – something that was never possible before; thereby removing human error from the production chain entirely!

Increased Productivity

With everything becoming automated, there will be no need for time-consuming manual rework or repetitive tasks. This frees up time and energy to be directed towards other higher value activities which leads to reaching higher levels of output within the same project durations!

Reduced Material Waste

Careful excavation, grading and material placement during earthworks operations eliminates over excavation hence producing least waste with financial savings too!

Safety enhancement

Automation highly decreases mistakes by workers which in turn minimizes the chance for accidents happening at site due to wrong human handling methods e.t.c. This might save hundreds of dollars if not thousands, being spent yearly as medical fees for such accident.

Savings in labour cost

It is estimated that skilled labour accounts for a large proportion of project budget estimates; however if repetitive jobs were performed mechanically then more personnel would be needed hence fewer hours worked leading to attainment of desired results. When people were freed up they could be used elsewhere like verifying quality control features while machines undertook their tasks predictably thus lowering variability among different work sections.

Better data collection

Real time data against set targets and goals with quick identification of areas which can be improved without necessarily affecting overall timelines completion dates etc because all records are stored in the AMC system database makes monitoring easier and faster.

RootFacts your integrated AMC solutions partner

While many other firms treat themselves only as suppliers of AMC technology during this entire process RootFacts considers itself your partner . This sets them apart:

System installation & calibration

Their experienced technicians handle everything from setting up base stations next to reference control points assembling foundations installing the machines themselves ensuring reliable signal reception wherever it is needed most – deep tunnels, under water constructions!

Technical support

Provide continuous technical support during execution phase promptly deal with any arising issues.

Compatibility assessment

They will check how compatible different AMC systems are with available fleet equipment types and project needs then recommend based on those findings only most suitable ones .

Operator training

Teaching operators maximum utilization benefits realization through use operational principles understanding behind each chosen phase two systems here.

Data management and analysis

Through statistics obtained from the AMC system, RootFacts can help in controlling data analysis by giving insight on project status and performance.

Tomorrow’s automated construction industry

Introduction of AMC shows that there will be improved accuracy, efficiency and data direness in future building projects. Do this so; Get ahead by completing tasks faster than competitors but with better outcomes.

Lower project risks

You can enhance safety, reduce mistakes and rework as well as remove errors through automation.

Adapt data driven approach

Make decisions for better project management in future using real time information.