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Virtual Factory Design and Planning Solutions

RootFacts VFDP: Virtual Factory Design and Planning Services

The realm of what is possible in healthcare keeps expanding with new ideas from the biotechnology sector. Nevertheless, manufacturing facility designs must be adaptable and efficient so as not to be left behind by this relentless advancement. This is when virtual factory design and planning (VFDP) comes in offering a new way for designing future proofed, optimized bio-manufacturing environments. RootFacts is one of the industry players offering a variety of VFDP services aimed at making your production process more efficient.

Understanding Virtual Factory Planning and Design

VFDP uses modern digital technology to create a computerized model of an entire plant including equipment layout, production processes, flow of raw materials, worker movements etc.). This digital representation enables you to:

Promote collaboration

Engineers, architects and production teams can share design projects on an online workspace.

Enable Scalability

Plan for future expansion while evolving your virtual factory model as your manufacturing requirements change.

Optimize Workflow and Layout

Try out different manufacturing process scenarios/layouts/circulations for a more streamlined or effective approach. Reduce Risk: Anticipating such problems before actual construction begins will help mitigate accident risks. Minimize the possibility of accidents, defects or inefficiencies before the construction starts through anticipation.

Biotech’s Traditional Factory Design Challenges

When it comes to intricate and ever changing nature of manufacturing processes in biotechnology companies, conventional ways of factory designing such as using spreadsheets or physical models often have some issues involving:

Two-dimensional sketches or fixed drawings don’t show all features found within three dimensional production environments.
The capability for traditional methods to consider dynamic production processes ready for future expansion.
It may take long time and become expensive when updating their physical infrastructure after product development.
Between design teams and shop floor staff there could be no understanding in traditional methods.

RootFacts VFDP Services: An Inclusive Approach

RootFacts has a comprehensive VFDP strategy for biotechnology:

➲ Data Collection and Analysis: Our staff gathers and examines information about your present setup, manufacturing procedures, and long-term goals.

➲ Data Collection and Analysis:  Create detailed records for each livestock including breed, pedigree, vaccination history, growth rate & medical treatments. Track individual performance of specific live stocks & generate reports showing trends.

➲ 3D Modelling and Simulation: We create a thorough computer model of your virtual factory that includes tools, supplies, and staff movement work flow patterns. Workflow optimization is the process of evaluating various manufacturing situations using simulation tools and selecting the most effective layout and workflow solutions.

➲Virtual reality (VR) walkthroughs: Use VR to immerse yourself in your factory’s layout, spot possible issues, and improve design decisions.

➲ Data analytics and reporting:  It offers data-driven insights into potential process flow bottlenecks or equipment underuse.