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Reliable Biological Imaging Software for Labs

Bridging the Gap - Biological Imaging Software Services

Within cells and tissues, life performs an intricate dance. To reveal these secrets biological imaging, a key technology in biotech industry is used. RootFacts being a leading provider of bioinformatics solutions provides researchers with state-of-the-art biological imaging software and other services to bridge gap between data acquisition and ground-breaking discoveries.

This guide outlines the suite of biological imaging software services provided by RootFacts with their capabilities, applications and their value proposition to biotech industry.

The Power of Biological Imaging in Biotech

Biological imaging is a range of techniques that produce visual representations of living materials. These techniques provide insights into cellular structures, processes and interactions that have led to advancements across many biotech:


Light, electron, or co focal microscopy offer different levels of details which allow seeing cellular structures at different magnifications

Fluorescence Imaging

This technique uses fluorescent molecules that label specific components within a cell enabling scientists to follow their movement and interactions.

Bio photonics

This rapidly growing field utilizes light-based technologies such as bioluminescence or ontogenetic to investigate cellular processes with exceptional sensitivity but very little disruption

Biological Imaging Software Suite: A Spectrum of Tools

For every stage in an imaging workflow, RootFacts offers researchers an extensive collection of biological imaging software tools:

Image Acquisition Software:


Workshops or extension services can be used to disseminate information but these can sometimes be restricted geographically or take long durations to deliver the messages. In some instances, it can be hard for many farmers to have access to such information particularly those living far away from the cities.


An advanced software from Nikon equipped with multi-dimensional microscopy features for high-content screening applications. NIS-Elements allows capturing complicated datasets via precise control over parameters like illumination or exposure time among others.

Image Processing and Analysis Software:

Fiji (ImageJ)

Commonly used open-source software tool offering a powerful toolkit for image processing, analysis and visualization. Fiji allows for performing image segmentation, intensity measurement, co localization analysis meaning drawing quantitative information out of qualitative images


A commercial software from Oxford Instruments with advanced 3D image reconstruction, visualization and analysis capabilities. It is ideal when studying complicated cellular structures and dynamics since it can generate three-dimensional representations of biological processes that are breathtaking

Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Image Analysis


Open-source data science platform that integrates with image analysis libraries flawlessly. With KNIME, researchers can train their own machine learning models designed for automatic image processing as well as feature extraction thereby streamlining data analytics workflow.

Tensor Flow

This popular deep learning framework empowers researchers to develop AI-powered tools for image segmentation, classification, and object detection in biological images. Using deep learning algorithms enables identification of very subtle patterns or relationships within the huge volume of image datasets that otherwise would be missed by traditional methods of image analysis.

Beyond Software: RootFacts Comprehensive Imaging Services

RootFacts acknowledges that software alone cannot unlock the full potential in biological imaging field. We have a range of services available to researchers throughout their entire imaging process:

Software Customization and Training

With our team of experts who can customize software solutions to meet specific research needs making sure there is no gap in work flow. We also run extensive training programs to ensure that researchers are equipped with all knowledge on how to utilize the package fully.

Advanced Microscopy Techniques and Training

At RootFacts, we have advanced microscopy equipment in our possession and also train students who wish to be trained. With these facilities available, scientists can carry out advanced imaging projects that produce high quality data.

Image Data Management and Sharing

We present ways of effectively storing ,managing and sharing huge image datasets which enhance collaboration among researchers and ensure that their data remains accessible for subsequent research activities.

Data Analysis and Interpretation:

Should any researcher require assistance in analyzing complex image datasets or need help to interpret the same, we have a team of bioinformatics specialists. This is especially relevant when it comes to use of such techniques as machine learning or deep learning by some researchers.

The RootFacts Advantage: Why Choose Us for Your Imaging Needs?

Our partnering with RootFacts grants biotech companies as well as research institutions several advantages:

Our software, hardware, training, support services cover all aspects of the biological imaging workflow
Our experts include seasoned scientists and software developers who understand biological images intricacies providing guidance throughout your entire research project.
To keep up with technological advancement in biological imaging field; we strive to find new methods used by scientists in order supply them with cutting-edge tools.
We operate a culture of cooperation thereby providing constant assistance making sure that researchers succeed in achieving their objectives through imaging.