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Bioinformatics Software for Biotech Advancements

Biotech Discovery through State-of-the-Art Bioinformatics Software

In the biotechnology industry, where gigantic amounts of biological information can open doors to revolutionary advances, RootFacts comes out as one of the leading bioinformatics software companies. We equip scientists and biotech firms with powerful tools that enable them to unravel the mysteries hidden in complex data sets thereby accelerating innovation in a variety of fields

This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth look at the bioinformatics software offerings provided by RootFacts and how they are used in the biotech industry.

Bioinformatics: The Link between Biology and Computation

Bioinformatics is a crucial bridge between biology’s wide field and computational power. These include a wide range of software tools, databases and algorithms designed to:

RootFacts Bioinformatics Software Suite: Empowering Data Analytics

RootFacts presents a complete bioinformatics software suite tailored specifically for the needs of the biotech industry. Let us have a closer look at some of our major offerings

Sequence Analysis Software:

DNA Star Sequoia

it is filled with tools meant for DNA/RNA sequence assembly, annotation, analysis such as variant calling; gene prediction or comparative genomics can also be done using Sequoia.

CLC Genomics Workbench

-a user-friendly software package facilitates easy performance of complex sequence analysis tasks by research workers. Researchers can conduct various analyses including de novo assembly; RNA-Seq analysis or ChIP-Seq analysis using this.

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Analysis Software:


This open source platform is created for users to have a friendly interface for running NGS pipelines. Researchers can use the extensive tool library provided by Galaxy and perform tasks like read trimming, alignment or differential expression analysis

Ingenuity Variant Analysis (IVA)

This software allows researchers to analyze the function of genetic variants in biological pathways. The integration of IVA with NGS data also allows it to be used in the identification of disease-causing mutations.

Protein Structure Prediction and Analysis Software


Flexible molecular dynamics simulation package for structure prediction, visualization, and analysis of protein structures. It is mainly used for studying protein folding, docking simulations and protein-protein interactions.


Popular molecular visualization software that researchers can use to create high-quality 3D models of proteins and other biological molecules. By using PyMOL, scientists can easily explore their structure as well as function in a more visually appealing way.

Pathway Analysis and Network Modelling Software:

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) –

This leading-industry software assists researchers in constructing and analyzing biological networks that reveal connection between genes, proteins and pathways. Thus, it provides an indispensable resource for understanding disease mechanisms as well as identifying potential drug targets.


Open-source platform to visualize & analyze complex networks. Cytoscape allows studying intricate interconnections within cellular systems with identification of key regulatory elements.

Applications of RootFacts Bioinformatics Software in Biotech

RootFacts offers bioinformatics software solutions which serve different roles across biotechnology applications

Drug Discovery & Development

In this context bioinformatics helps identify drug targets predict drug-target interactions design novel therapeutics etc. With vast genetic information datasets available today coupled with countless protein structures; such huge lists are best analyzed using RootFacts software which speed up the process of inventing drugs.

Personalized Medicine

Bioinformatics software contributes to the development of personalized medicine approaches by analyzing an individual’s genetic make-up and other biological data. These tools provided by RootFacts help scientists to find disease-related gene changes and predict customized treatments.

Gene Therapy and Gene Editing

Designing safe and effective gene therapies are among bioinformatics software’s critical roles. It helps identify target genes, predicts potential off-target effects, and optimizes gene editing tools in order to develop the best therapies.

Agricultural Biotechnology

Bioinformatics has a crucial part in developing improved crop varieties with higher yield, pest resistance, and drought tolerance. This tool from RootFacts assists in plant genome analysis as well as revealing helpful genes for certain traits.

Industrial Biotechnology

Sustainable industrial processes involving microorganisms can be developed through bioinformatics. In addition, this application also supports artificial pathway optimization by metabolic engineering and creation of new biocatalysts using the available data from RootFacts.