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Automated Liquid Handling Systems for Labs

Automated Liquid Handling Systems

Coordinating accuracy: automated liquid handling systems

Biotechnology field relies on the accurate and precise manipulation of liquids in a variety of production and research applications. For complex bioassays and complex cell cultures, accurate and efficient liquid handling is essential to achieve success. Because of this, routine manual pipetting methods may become laborious, prone to errors and time consuming when it comes to high-throughput workflows in the biotechnology industry.

RootFacts has long been known as a reliable provider of software solutions for biomanufacturing that offers advanced automated liquid handlers for biopharmaceutical companies. By using our numerous hardware and software solutions, efficiency in the area of biotech is significantly improved while streamlining all processes involving the treatment of fluids thus ensuring they are controlled accordingly.

Handling Liquid Manually Is Hard

Many companies employing manual liquid handling techniques in biotech industry have a number of problems.

➲ Time Consuming Process: Manual pipe ting can take a long time, especially for complicated assays or large-scale investigations.

➲ Inconsistent Volume Transfer: Hand pipe ting mistakes by humans could result in uneven quantities being dispensed which might affect experimental outcomes.

➲ Repetitive Tasks and Fatigue: Operator errors brought on by fatigue from repeated pipe ting affect the quality of the data and slow down research productivity.

➲ Repetitive Tasks and Fatigue: Operator errors brought on by fatigue from repeated pipe ting affect the quality of the data and slow down research productivity.

➲ Limited Scalability: Manual pipe ting is not up to par with high-throughput workflows or large-scale bio manufacturing operations.

➲ Increased Risk Of Contamination: As a result there is increased risk associated with sample contamination during manual pipe ting making data invalid also causing invalidations in studies”.

These limitations restrict progress, undermine data integrity and reduce efficiency in manufacturing processes within biology.

Power Of Automated Liquid Handling Systems

Automation overcomes these hurdles because it can do so through

RootFacts Automated Liquid Handling Systems’ Benefits

In a number of ways, the use of RootFacts systems for automating liquid handling is advantageous to biotechnology companies across the board.

RootFacts Automated Liquid Handling Systems in Action: A Few Examples

Below are some specific examples of how biopharmaceutical companies could benefit from using products of RootFacts.

High-Throughput Screening (HTS)

Automate testing procedures for components, sub-assemblies, and final vehicle assembly ensuring proper functionality and adherence to specifications. The assembly line could have robots automatically checking various components and sub-assemblies as they are being installed into the cars during production, preventing any issues from escalating further down the line.

Automated Cell Culture Assays

To increase efficiency and consistency for cell culture experiments, addition of reagents, medium changes and cell seeding can be automated with RootFacts solutions.

Simplified PCR and PCR Workflows

Automated liquid handlers can handle sample preparation and reagent dispensing for PCR and PCR tests thus significantly reducing processing time and mistakes.

Conclusion: Accuracy and Effectiveness Are Key to Biotech Success

Biotech research and development require effective yet precise liquid handling. As a result, generating reliable data for liquid handling jobs improves research productivity while maintaining consistency in the outcomes that leads to revolutionary ideas as well as progressions within the biotech space.