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Rootfacts: Your Ultimate Provider of High Quality Food and Inventive Packaging Solutions

Being a trusted partner in food and packaging is something that Rootfacts Company is highly proud of. We are aware of the ever-changing demands of the food industry, and we are committed to excellent services in both areas. Whether you are an experienced restaurateur, a startup entrepreneur, or a major food manufacturing company, Rootfacts can help you with its expertise and resources in improving your brand.

Unmatchable Food Solutions

At Rootfacts, we provide an assortment of high quality food products that are carefully selected for freshness delivered right to your door step. Our commitment to quality begins from the farm up to when you receive your ingredients for cooking purposes. Some of our offerings include:

Innovative Packaging Solutions that Make a Difference

Packaging is everything in today’s competitive food industry. Our respected brand provides an array of imaginative packaging products which seek to reinforce your brand identity while ensuring safety and freshness at all times. Here is what distinguishes us:

Customizable Packaging

We work together with our clients to develop eye-catching packages that reflect their brands. From personalized labels to boxes to printed bags or take-out containers we have many ways through which you can enhance your brand image.

Food-Safe Materials

It is paramount that your customers find whatever comes into contact with their mouths safe enough. Therefore, by adopting food-grade certified packaging materials we are able meet this requirement since these prevent harmful chemicals from migrating into foodstuffs.

Sustainable Packaging

We know there is a growing need for eco-friendly packaging options. For this reason, Rootfacts offers numerous compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packing materials helping you conserve the environment.

Functional Packaging

The functional aspect must not be overlooked in our packaging systems because anyone can guess what they look like just from their design. Some typical examples include leak-proof containers as well as temperature controlled packing material among others so as to maintain safety while keeping products intact.

Packaging Design Expertise

Our in-house design team will assist you in making the most beautiful and practical packaging that can be seen from afar and becomes a subject of interest for customers.

What is The Rootfacts Advantage?

Rootfacts offers various advantages for your food business that include:

Quality Assurance

Our dedication to quality spans both food and packaging products, with stringent QC processes governing procurement and delivery.

Unparalleled Customer Service

·         For your inquiries to be answered promptly without any hitches, our customer support team runs 24/7.

One-Stop Shop

By providing a single source for both food and packaging, we save you time, effort and streamline your supply chain.

Competitive Pricing

Through competitive pricing on both food and packaging products, Rootfacts ensures that you get the most out of your money.

Sustainability Focus

We are concerned about the environment thus provides green solutions to minimize environmental footprints due to human activities.

Your Success is Our Priority

At Rootfacts, we are passionate about helping your food business thrive. Rather than just being a supplier of food stuffs and packaging materials we become partners in ensuring your long term business success.