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Automated Document Management and Collaboration Tools

Civil engineering projects are quite demanding. The amount of documents involved can, therefore, become overwhelming. Consequently, it is not only difficult but also ineffective to keep information in cupboards and distribute them over a network drive; moreover, they have issues with different versions of documents.

This is where ADMs come in handy. Through the application of cutting-edge technologies, civil engineering companies can easily improve the project performance and reduce the burden of document management thus enabling collaboration again. This article highlights how ADMs and collaborative software may transform the entire civil engineering field as best demonstrated by one of the pioneers in document management software market – RootFacts.

The Challenges of Handwritten Documentation

A lot of paperwork has to be done while completing civil engineering projects including: Design plans and specifications Blueprints or construction drawings Inspection records and site reports Permits and contracts Logs for correspondence or discussions

Several problems arise from manually managing these documents:

Possessing multiple copies of a document leads to misunderstandings or expensive mistakes.
It becomes challenging for teams that are not co-located to quickly locate specific papers.
Conventional solutions lack appropriate security measures.
Civil Engineering Project Management 6 Slower progress when paper-based communication becomes difficult.

The Challenges of Handwritten Documentation

Documentation handling in civil engineering has been changed completely by ADM systems. These programs provide central locations for storing all papers related to a particular project so as they are characterized by: The whole world can get access on every safe stored data kept on clouds.

Version Control
This ensures that every individual is able to operate with an up-to-date version as it operates under automatic control.

Advanced Search Functionality

Using powerful search capabilities users can quickly find documents based on keywords (or combination thereof), metadata or project phase.

Automated Workflows

A process such as routing approvals notifications etcetera that simplify document management is automated by ADM.

Advantages of RootFacts ADM Implementation in Civil Engineering

Implementing ADM through RootFacts will enable your civil engineering firm to enjoy the following benefits:

Tools for Collaboration during Smooth Teamwork

Collaboration Solutions of the Greatest Power that can be Offered by RootFacts to Project Teams So That They Can Work More Efficiently:

Benefits of RootFacts Collaboration Tools

Similarly, including RootFacts collaboration solutions into your ADM system will result in other advantages such as:

Improved Transparency and Communication
Thus, it ensures that all staff are informed at once through instant messaging and allows free discussions among teams on any specific document.

Better Project Management

The task management functionality together with workflow automation features within a collaborative platform enhances efficiency and control over projects.
Increased Team Productivity
It also results into higher team productivity since teams may utilize this tool in order to work together more efficiently hence enhancing timely delivery of projects.

Reduced Project Risks

Consequently, these centralized communications reduce project risks through cutting down misunderstandings as well as communication breakdowns.